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Read this First 12/20/22

Be Careful What You Wish FOR !!!

For all of you out there wishing for a White Christmas... CAREFUL !!!

According to the Weatherman (Yes, Yes, they are wrong A LOT) there is some COOOLLD weather coming that could bring dangerous cold and storms during holiday travel... The Southeast could see record low temperatures.. The Northeast cold and storms.. and .. The northern midwest could see negative 10 to 20 degrees with "Real Feels" of negative 40 to 50 degrees..

A 6.4 magnitude Earthquake has hit Northern California... Power out to 55,000 in Humboldt and some damage reported.. Story still developing.. it happened about an hour ago..

The TSA stopped a man boarding a plane in Maine with a hatchet and a home made gun. The man surrendered the gun but was able to keep the hatchet, he just had to put it in his checked luggage. .. The crazy part of the article said that to date, the TSA has seized 6,301 guns this year trying to get through security and that 88% of them were loaded. WTF ?????

Russia: ANOTHER Putin ally has died mysteriously. Dmitry Zelenov was visiting friends in the French Riviera and while out to dinner, "Fell from a flight of stairs and suffered a serious head injury". Zelenov was a Putin ally that got rich in Real Estate but gave a bunch back in the recession of 2008. Now...

Are these "Friends of Putin" that are all dying mysteriously: A. People that are conspiring against Putin that get "Found out" and iced? ... or.. B. The people trying to oust Putin are killing his famous, rich friends until they are mostly gone ..and then the guys oust Putin? ... and .. I guess.. "C" would be: "Will we ever know?"

SCOTUS: Supreme Court Chief Justice put a temporary freeze on a lower court ruling that ended Title 42. Normally, Justice Roberts wants to stay away from politically charged issues and make Congress do their job. I guess he thought the damage would be too bad... My guess is that they "Review the ruling" and give Congress a few weeks to act and fix it .. .. Now..

I saw a few reports last night ..I'm not sure the SCOTUS ruling matters.. They are already here.. El Paso is FCKED.. There are illegal immigrants lining the streets.. It got cold last night so they packed 4,000 into a facility for 1,000 and they were camped out in the airport. The reporter asked where they were from .. Peru, Dominican Republic, Columbia

In Da Swamp:

FBI spying on Congressional investigators that were investigating the FBI. Google released secret requests (their policy is after 5 years) that the FBI made to see emails. The FBI made Google give them the emails of Devin Nunes' top assistant WHILE NUNES was investigating the FBI for the "Russiagate scam".

The FBI agents wanted to know how Nunes knew certain information about FBI Agents falsifying FISA requests and lying to judges.... WHAT THE FCKING FUCK ?!?!?! I want this "FBI requested" crap to stop.. I want NAMES of AGENTS.. Like Agent Elvis Chan was named as the FBI agent basically forcing Twitter to censor and spy...

The January 6 circus dog and pony show people are throwing their Hail Mary Pass before they are shut down by the next Congress. They have recommended a bunch of charges against President Trump and a few "players to be named later".. Interestingly, Rep Jamie Raskin, an election denier himself (Watch ..HERE.. Two minutes).. announced the recommendations to prosecute Trump for the same thing HE did...

The woke media are bouncing the same soundbytes.. but.. what do YOU need to know? ..

Attorney Joel Pollack points out:

Nowhere in the enabling resolution is the committee granted the authority to make criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, or to sanction members of Congress — or even to issue subpoenas without consultation with a recognized “ranking member” who leads the minority members of the committee (there is none).

The Committee can't prosecute anything. They make recommendations to the Department of Justice.. But.. The DOJ ALREADY has a special counsel looking into Trump. The likelihood that the House Committee tells the DOJ anything they don't already know is basically ZERO. The Special Counsel is likely to find a few things in their investigation are "prosecutable".. The question is.. Will they prosecute?

My guess is yes.. They will try to press the "classified docs take to his house" charge and maybe some conspiracy stuff. This would be treacherous if the cases are tried in the DC Circuit because DC is the MOST liberal place in the USA.. (Vermont is second, FYI.. This is according to Gallup) .. They voted 92.1% Democrat in the 2020 election. There is NO WAY Trump gets a fair trial there..and..

Think you're American? .. NO YOU'RE NOT says Stanford University. They put out a "Guide" to language so that you can avoid "Harmful Language" .. Calling yourself American "might upset others from the Americas" like Central or Latin Americas.. (You think they went to Honduras or Argentina and ASKED any Latin or South Americans? Those people would have LAUGHED THOSE GRINGOS right outta town) .. and

It just gets more and more ridiculous.. and not just the "WRONG PRONOUNS" .. Things like.. Use "Anonymous Study" because Blind study might trigger Blind people (How will they know? They can't read it!!!) .. No more addicts .. Just those "persons with substance abuse disorder" ..and don't say someone has "Mastered a skill" because master can refer to slave owners.. AHAHHAH..

Why not change the books and call slave owners, slave owners and keep "Mastering a skill" in our lexicon?? ... You think Augusta National is gonna change the name of the Masters tournament because some woke clowns at Stanford say so?


Monday Night Football: No surprises or heroics.. Green Bay 24 - LA Rams 12

I forgot to mention that Frank Gore Jr set an all time record with 329 yards in the LendingTree Bowl. That is the most in any bowl game, ever. The Southern Miss running back had 329 yards on 20 carries and a TD pass in their win over Rice. He is son of NFL RB Frank Gore and told his dad after the game, "See, Im the best in the Family" HAHAHAHA... Love the confidence.. and..

RIP to Pitcher Tim Browning, 62. Browning was an All Star and pitched a perfect game .. He was found unresponsive on his couch. Police are investigating but saw no initial signs of foul play..

Might need to add a section for speed skating here in the Rant Sports section. Jutta Leerdam just won her fourth gold of the season in 1000m. Of course, I'm just interested in her skating prowess and dedication to her sport... Warms the heart.. It matters NOT that she looks like this.. HERE.. HERE.. HERE.. well.. OK .. Maybe a LITTLE...


Amber Heard settled her defamation case with Johnny Depp for $1 million saying she was not making a concession, she has lost faith in the American Legal system and wants to end this nightmare that ruined her career. .. umm.. Yeah.. Ya see Amber... The reality is this...

You're a low talent social climber whose relationship with a rich famous guy went off the rails.. WAY off the rails.. Instead of doing the honorable thing and walking away, you went scorched earth. Discredit him, embarrass him, take as much money as you can get .. The TOTAL vindictive sleazeball. Now, Depp is no prize of a boyfriend.. Drinking, Drugs.. Yes.. a MESS.. He is no "innocent aggrieved spouse" for sure..

But, he did not cause your mess. YOU DID.. You were not vilified in the press for "speaking your truth" you were vilified for being the cold, lying, sinister b*tch that you are.. So, take your medicine.. Fade into obscurity, and try to make a comeback as a character actress in 20 years.. and..

Harvey Weinstien was convicted of rape and sexual harassment AGAIN. This time in LA.. Don't get me wrong.. He is a weasel that belongs in jail .. but.. How do you convict someone for a crime from 20 years ago on He said/She said testimony? Seems very "tried in the court of public opinion/Salem Witch Trials" instead of due process and evidence based.. Doesn't matter.. He was already gonna die in prison.. ..and..

Happy Birthdays: Jeff Bezos.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You're one of the richest men in the world. Why are you surrounded with this Fake Housewife group of shrews...HERE.. at a Birthday party !?!??! .. You need lessons from Dan Bilzerian ..HERE.. HERE.. .or Brad..

Happy Birthday Brad Pitt ..Who wisely chose Ines over the bevy of Botox HERE.. spending a party with ONE Ines de Ramon .. HERE.. is better than 10 of those Plastic face-Botox-Lip Filler Freaks


Tweaking Twitter rules

Elon Musk has not directly addressed the results of a Twitter (TWTR) leadership poll that ended with users saying he should step down. But Musk did cast some doubt on the results indirectly and said Twitter would narrow who could vote in future polls.

A Twitter user posted on Monday that "Blue subscribers should be the only ones that can vote in policy related polls. We actually have skin in the game." In response, the Tesla (TSLA) CEO and Twitter chief said: "Good point. Twitter will make that change." Musk also replied with "interesting" to a tweet that suggested bots had dominated the poll yesterday where Musk asked if he should remain at the top spot of Twitter.

More than 10M users, or 57.5%, voted yes. Musk had said he would abide by the results of the poll. He had also said that Twitter would put major policy changes at the social media company up to a vote by users in the future.

Several analysts have called Monday's developments a positive for Tesla's (TSLA) stock, including Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives. The removal of the "major overhang" on Tesla's stock is seen helping slow down or end any brand deterioration related to Musk. (20 comments)

Japan yield cap

Longer rates rose after the Bank of Japan unexpectedly widened its yield curve control, prompting a government debt selloff. The 10-year Treasury yield (US10Y) rose 8 basis points to 3.66% and the 30-year yield (US30Y) rose 10 basis points to 3.72%.

The BoJ boosted the leeway on the 10-year JGB yield to 0.5% from its target of 0%, up from the previous cap of 0.25%. The yen (FXY) surged 3.5% against the greenback.

Japan is changing policy because of inflation worries, strategist Jim Bianco tweeted, adding: "remind me why the Fed would be pivoting anytime in 2023?". "The answer is they will not," he said. "You can forget a pivot."

Japan's move is "widely seen as the beginning of a potential end to their ultra loose monetary policy," Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid said. "That policy has made them a big outlier compared to other central banks this year, having maintained rates at the zero lower bound whilst others embarked on their biggest tightening cycle in a generation."

"Indeed, it’s important not to underestimate the impact this could have, because tighter BoJ policy would remove one of the last global anchors that’s helped to keep borrowing costs at low levels more broadly," Reid added. (2 comments)

Bankman-Fried extradition

Sam Bankman-Fried, the co-founder of the crypto exchange of FTX and its ex-CEO, voluntarily agreed to his extradition to the U.S., where he's charged with defrauding investors and clients, The Washington Post reported Monday, citing a person familiar with the matter.

The morning's session in a Bahamian court had been a confusing one, as SBF's local lawyer was unaware that his client was going to court that morning. Jerome Roberts, the lawyer, had been on his way to prison to speak with Bankman-Fried when he found out that his client was in court.

Magistrate Shaka Serville allowed Bankman-Fried to speak with his lawyers via phone and under supervision and continued his remand to Fox Hill prison, the Post said. SBF's legal team is preparing legal documents and he is expected to return to court this week. Earlier in the day, Roberts told reporters that his client had agreed to the extradition despite "the strongest possible legal advice." (8 comments)

Jan. 6

Trump SPAC Digital World Acquisition (DWAC), which is taking Trump's social media company and Truth Social app public, dropped 11% on Monday as a House committee recommended that the former President be prosecuted for his role in the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.

The committee voted unanimously Monday to refer the ex-president for prosecution related to multiple offenses including insurrection, according to media reports, including Bloomberg. The committee recommendation doesn't require the Department of Justice to prosecute Trump and it has no formal legal impact.

The news comes after Digital World (DWAC) disclosed on Friday the SPAC's chief financial officer and two board members have resigned in recent weeks. DWAC shares have plunged 82% since hitting highs in early March. (147 comments)

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan -2.46%. Hong Kong -1.33%. China -1.58%. India -0.17%.

In Europe, at midday, London -0.07%. Paris -0.27%. Frankfurt -0.46%.

Futures at 6:30, Dow -0.08%. S&P -0.20%. Nasdaq -0.38%. Crude +0.93% to $76.08. Gold +1.03% to $1816.30. Bitcoin +0.06% to $16,778.7.

Ten-year Treasury Yield +8.0 bps to 3.66%.

Today's Economic Calendar

8:30 Housing Starts and Permits

Companies reporting earnings today »

What else is happening...

Amazon (AMZN) is called a 'Buffett Buy' at Evercore due to long-term potential.

Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) turns World Cup beer fiasco into big win with Messi mention.

Supreme Court schedules arguments for Biden's student debt forgiveness plan.

Mondelez (MDLZ) sells Trident, Dentyne and more gum brands in $1.35B deal.

Lucid Group (LCID) stock surges after completing stock sale.

Wells Fargo sees central banks moving to support growth by end of 2023.

Microsoft (MSFT) added as an awardee for $900M ceiling Air Force contract.

Amazon Web Services (AMZN) secures $723.88M Navy BPA contract.


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