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Read this First 2/11/2021

***Gotta Shovel Snow.. Quick Rant***

This is the END... My only friend... THE END...

I am singing that song for NY City... The clowns up in Albany want to impose a "Transaction Tax" on securities trades to raise money. This is NOT a good idea..Vanguard says such a tax would mean the average person would have to work 2 1/2 more years to retire with the same money. The NYSE head said they will LEAVE NYC. Don't test them. Trading is electronic now and they are owned by the ICE and could domicile ANYWHERE. Without taxes from Wall Street, NYC would be TOAST...

In Da Swamp: Impeachment Day 2 came and went.. and no businesses got any help.. no $1400 checks went out .. nothing else got done.. Good work guys and girls.. We now know FOR SURE that Democrats in Washington hate Trump ..

President Biden fired Illinois District Attorney John Lausch right in the middle of corruption probes into high level Chicago politicians.. who are of course, Democrats. While it IS common for a President to appoint new Attorney's General he should have given notice and allowed Lausch to complete ongoing cases... and Before you hard line Trumpers go crazy saying, "This is the first I'm hearing about this.. if Trump did this it would be ALL OVER THE PAPERS".. Uh.. Trump DID do this.. he canned AG Preet Bharara, and the media DID freak out..

Presidents ask for resignations (and most of the AG's resign). Both Preet and John should have been allowed to finish what they started.. or at least been given a, "Ya Got Six months"... and...

Biden unveiled his plan for "re-opening schools" .. and .. well.. uh.. They are already open MORE than his plan.... Joe's plan was for "ONE in-school day by his 100th Day" .. Problem is.. most schools do WAY more.. Joe and his people must be looking at Chicago and NY and cities like that only..

President Biden on Wednesday approved an executive order to "immediately sanction" military leaders who directed the coup in Burma, calling on them to "immediately release" the democratic leaders and activists. .. Umm..Joe???.. Its called Myanmar.. since 1989.. If you address it to Burma they are going to return it..

Love that Chicken from Popeye's ... Remember the whole "Popeyes Chicken Sandwich" ordeal a year and a half ago? They copied Chik-fil-A's sandwich and when they released it they ran out... Then a few months later they re-released it and there were lines, fights and even a murder? .. Well, they are releasing a NEW FISH SANDWICH !!! .. if they are expecting a similar outcome they should fire their marketing director now. There is NO SHOT people line up for fake fish.. even if it IS Fried..

SPORTS: Pebble Beach Pro-Am starts today.. without the AM part due to Covid. It will be played at Pebble Beach Golf Links and Spyglass Hill. Pebble is beautiful but Spyglass is a better course...

NBA: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was under a little fire for his handling of the "NBA Kneel for the National Anthem" controversy. He just had them stop playing the song. Because there are no fans there, no one noticed for two weeks. The NBA announced that ALL teams will play the song and Cuban agreed to follow the rule...


If you have something to say to Rush Limbaugh, say it now... Rush missed another show and is in a losing fight with lung cancer. Hang in there, Rush...

Bruce Springsteen is due in court soon for a DWI arrest back in November. Jeep has pulled his Superbowl ad.The Boss was partying in a closed area of the Sandy Hook Park and was picked up by Park officers. He says he had one shot of tequila. They say he was very cooperative... Problem is that Sandy Hook is a National Park. Which means Federal Police.. Hmm.. Can they give the Boss a break? Probably not.. He'll be losing that license for a few months.. Think he can afford an Uber?

The "Drunk Brady" T-shirts are ALREADY available.. ...HERE.. Tom Brady got hammered at the Superbowl "Boat Parade" in Tampa. He even threw the Lombardi Trophy to another boat!!! (only like 20 feet.. but still .. that thing would SIIIIINNNKK !!!)

Next up on the Cancel Couch ... Actress/MMA fighter Gina Carano ..HERE ..has been booted from The Mandalorian and all future Lucas Films for being a Republican.. C'mon by, Gina.. we can do tequila shots.. There must be a TON left in Bruce's bottle.. he said he only had ONE..


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