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READ THIS FIRST - 05/03/2019

Mini-Rant.. Im on the road.. 

"Kill them now, or kill them later" - Alabama Rep. John Rogers made this claim in support of Abortion.  He says that unwanted babies will grow up to be criminals in prison.  There is an uproar in Washington over these remarks.  Rogers is not issuing an apology and he is not backing down. .. FACEBOOK has come out and outright banned a slew of Conservatives and Louis Farrahkan.  They claim they are right in banning those who promote hate and violence.  Farrakahn does promote violence.. but who decides what is hate and what is free speech? .. Liberals may be applauding the move. But, Facebook cannot claim to be a platform for all and then censor the views it does not like. (Actually, they CAN. they just DID .. but my point is they will soon be regulated like other media... although.. even that is questionable because Congress can't agree on what DAY it is, never mind pass any Legislation) .. Down in the Swamp .. Attorney General Barr DID in fact skip a Congressional hearing. Dope Congressman Nadler from NY is making all kinds of threats as other Congressmen call Nadler out for being a political hack and turning their chance to question Barr into a circus.  Senate Judiciary Head, Lindsay Graham, says, "I will not call Muller or anyone else in this matter.  This is over"... President Trump said something similar.  He said no other current or ex-White House officials will testify. Trump is calling for the parties to "Come together after this long and costly waste of time."  Good luck with THAT!!! ..   Nadler says he will sue and subpoenaRemember SchoolHouse Rock?  Congress is supposed to PASS Legislation, remember?  . For those watching, STILL no major Legislation passed in 2019...  Loser rep from Minnesota Omar has done it again. Omar is blaming.. get this.. she is BLAMING "AMERICA" for what is going on in Venezuela. She claims "Americas policies .. helped lead the devastation.. and set the stage for where we are today".  Wow.. WOWWW..  Hey Minnesota, can you send Reps that to Washington that do not hate America and everything we stand for??  Venezuela's leader jailed his opposition before elections, starved his people and ruined his economy. He is a moron socialist. Omar needs to shut her pie-hole or she is going to become every Republican's Campaign Ads for their 2020 Election... and James Holzhauer is now second All Time in wins on Jeopardy. He stumbled out of the gate last night.. and actually got a few.. WRONG (Gasp) ..then won by $70,000..   SPORTS: NHL: Bruins 4-1 over Columbus ties the series 2-2 and Colorado 3-0 over San Jose ties the series at 2-2.  NBA:  Philly 116-95 over Toronto takes a 2-1 series lead.. and Rory McIlroy is tied of the lead (Id say CALLED IT.. but its only one round) with Joel Dahmen after one round at the Wells Fargo..and its Kentucky Derby Daytomorrow.  The favorite, Omaha Beach, scratched yesterday with a bad cough. (actually, its an entrapped epiglotis..but I dont have time to explain).. So..My Picks?  Game Winner - By My Standards - Roadster in 3 horse Exacta Box.. Throw in Win Win Win in a four horse Tri-box.  My level of confidence: LOW !!! so don't bet too much..   CELEBRIDIOTS:  RIP: To Chewbacca !!  Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca, died at 74 .. and Cheslie Kryst of North Carolina wins Miss USA.  She is a full time attorney! .. See Cheslie, I SAVED you.  You wanted to get married and I said, NO.  It would have disqualified you from the Competition !!! I hope you'll still bail me outta jail when I get in trouble!!!  ..and .. Let's END with Emily's END (See what I did there?  "End" as in "end the rant" and "end" as in her REAR END.. you know .. her butt.. her Hiney) Emily Ratajkowski unveiled her new "Business Casual Look" .. this is typical of her designs.. Great on her.. but the rest of us??  Im gonna say MOST people won't be able to pull this off.  There will be WAY too much extra hangin out!!!   HERE . But, hey.. Give it a try!!  You only live once !!

From SeekingAlpha.Com CNBC

Click HERE after 7:15 

US plan to choke off Iran oil exports casts uncertainty over market LASTCHANGE% CHGOIL61.55-0.26-0.42%NAT GAS2.609+0.02+0.77%GOLD1270.80-1.20-0.09%SILVER14.63+0.013+0.09%WHEAT445.75+1.75+0.39%COPPER2.7885+0.009+0.32%

LASTCHANGE% CHGNIKKEI22258.73-48.85-0.22%SHANGHAI3078.34+15.84+0.52%.SZSC1636.59+10.97+0.68%HSI30081.55+137.37+0.46%ASX 2006335.80-2.60-0.04%KOSPI2196.32-16.43-0.74%STI3392.29-1.04-0.03%.NZ5010058.08-27.67-0.27%.NSEI11742.05+17.30+0.15%.SETI1678.47-0.70-0.04%JSX COMP6319.46-54.96-0.86%MALAYSIA1637.30+5.06+0.31%.TWII11096.30+91.81+0.83%

LASTCHANGE% CHGFTSE7404.61+53.30+0.73%DAX12390.00+44.58+0.36%CAC5556.05+17.19+0.31%STOXX600390.44+1.60+0.41%AEX569.48+2.97+0.52%BEL 203731.46+13.43+0.36%.PSI205392.64+6.93+0.13%.IMOEX2585.68+10.46+0.41%FTSE MIB21736.27+25.89+0.12%SMI9774.32+28.26+0.29%.OBX808.89+0.19+0.02%.OMXHPI9464.81+47.29+0.50%OMXS301673.72+8.27+0.50%.ATG775.72+0.56+0.07%OMXC 251143.77+2.08+0.18%


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