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Raj Tested....Raj Approved

Raj has been on this earth a while. Because life is so short he hates trying things or buying things and then finding out that they suck.  So, when he finds something he likes he is GLAD to SHARE.  If something is listed on this page, RAJ APPROVES.

***Full Disclosure: Buying the dress that Emily Ratajkowski wears will NOT make your wife or girlfriend look like Emily.  She will just have the same dress… If you are under 21 do NOT tell a wine or beer retailer that, “Raj said it was ok to sell you wine”.  I’m a RULE-Breaker not a LAW-Breaker  ..  Some of these things are linked to sites that might pay me something if you buy it .. Whether they do or not, it would NOT be on this page if I didn’t use it myself.  Not kidding.  If you have questions about any of this.. just email me.. ***

EMILY – I would recommend LOTS of stuff about Emily.. But I actually HAVE this one.. and I like to look at it .. So, SUE ME. 

MOSQUITOS.  When I moved into my house 20 years ago the back yard was a little marshy and you could NOT go outside in July and August because of millions of mosquitos.  After thorough research, here is your game plan if you find yourself in a similar spot: 1) Clear any brush and overgrown areas that you can.  2) Get rid of ALL standing water. (This is where mosquitoes hatch).  3) If you have some open area, install a Purple Martin Bird House  house. Link HERE .. Purple Martins eat a thousand bugs a day.  They are hard to attract but once they nest in your house, they keep coming back.  4) Mosquitos cannot fly faster than 4-5 mph.  Fans that circulate air will do wonders. .. and 5) Mosquito Magnets.  YES, they cost a lot .. but the technology came from the Army Corps of Engineers and IT WORKS !!!  TIP:  You MUST follow the directions.

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