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Who is Raj Searing?

LOOOONNGG AGO in a Galaxy FAR, FARRRR AWAY... Raj had a "Wall Street" job.  When the research department changed their "Morning Note" from a short recap to a long drawn out diatribe, Raj objected.  His clients wanted a "One Pager" that gave them all the highlights and not a novel.  The research department would not offer a highlight version.  So, Raj wrote his own.  A few years later, Raj was confronted by angry corporate lawyers.  They told him, "This 'Read this First' rant must STOP NOW! It is, rude, crude and inappropriate.  If you do not stop writing it NOW you will be Fired!!!"  Raj responded to the lawyers, "How do you REALLY feel?" 

Raj was forced UNDERGROUND and for many years had to Rant from an undisclosed location.  Now, Raj is self-employed and free to Rant, for your edification and enjoyment, unencumbered by uptight corporate lawyers.

Raj has been sending out his morning "Rant" since 2003. (Although the term "Blog" was actually coined a few years before he started writing Rants, it was not widely used until several years later).  Raj describes himself as a Realistic, Empathetic Libertarian. He believes the Framers of the U.S. Constitution researched what worked and what did not work from historical governments and civilizations ... and they, "Got it Right" (Read the "Federalist Papers".  Raj is NOT Wrong)... Others describe him as "like Dennis Miller...only not as smart" and "Jon Stewart... only not as funny" ..and "George Clooney... only better looking" (That last one came in from Raj's own email address.  So, we are pretty sure he sent that in himself).  Reader Response varies.  We get, "shaking my head". We get some LMFAO. ... and some send nasty responses about how Raj is a "Stupid Idiot that should Shut Up"  Raj was asked to comment on these descriptions and gave a one word answer to all.. "Fair" ..



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