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Read this First 02/02/2022

GROUNDHOG'S DAY ... (but not in Millstone NJ) .. You can watch livestream .. HERE .. from Gobbler's Knob .. The BIG CALL is around 7:15am Eastern time..

Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania is probably the most famous.. .. Staten Island Chuck is probably the most loved since he bit former Mayor deblasidiot.. and.. Millstone NJ cancelled their Groundhog's Day event yesterday because Millstone Mel ...DIED. Right before his Big Day !! Millstone announced that Mel had, "Passed over the rainbow bridge" two days ago .. Whaddaya think? The pressure get to him? Covid? .. Foul Play of some sort?

The average lifespan of a groundhog is three years.. so.. they are regularly swapped out.. but.. none were available on one day's notice..

The US is sending a destroyer and fighter Jets to the UAE to protect Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson at the Golf Tournament .. Oh.. sorry.. That's next door in Saudi Arabia .. anyways..

The US is sending military support in response to recent Houthi attacks.. The Houthis are called "rebels" by some .. but are backed by Iran to be the government of Yemen. (Which is part of the Sunni/Shia divide) .. Long story.. but.. the Houthis are a pain in the butt in the region...and dangerous terrorists with Iran funding them..

Denmark and Finland Lead: ... Denmark's PM Mette Frederikson and Finland PM Sanna Marin are lifting COVID restrictions. Denmark now and Finland over the next two weeks. Bars and restaurants back to normal hours.. No mandates.. Back to normal. Critics rage, "But there are still thousands of daily cases" .. PM Marin said that the surge at the hospitals and ICU's has abated. The positive tests are less severe.

As y'all know.. when a "new study" hits the headlines I try to find the source (who did it.. who paid for it.. what is the political agenda of the people telling it.. was is statistically significant or was it a study of 24 people in one city) .. Well.. A NEW STUDY shows the COVID would have GOT the people it got..Despite the hysteria... Here are some findings:

“We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote.

“They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy,” the report said.

Ummm.. WOOOW... You know where the report came out of? Johns Hopkins Medical University.. You know.. the ones with the COVID Clock.. the charts.. the ones keeping track of everything from the beginning? .. HERE .. Yeah.. THOSE guys..

One part of the data is VERY disturbing.. they recommended that in future SHUT the Bars !!!... "the closing of bars and nightclubs showed a decrease in the mortality rates from COVID by 10%" .. DARN !!! Back to HOME drinking for the next pandemic..

When will President Biden .. Ron Klain and Susan Rice look at the data and stop the silliness here in the USA?

Your Tesla is broken .... Electric car maker Tesla will recall all 53,822 vehicles with the ‘full self-driving’ feature, as they do not always come to a complete stop at intersections under certain conditions. Stop and Slow down are NOT the same thing..(Just ask Benoit Benjamin !!!)

The FOURTH JOUNRALIST in a MONTH was murdered in Mexico. The press in Mexico is blaming President AMLO for not protecting journalists from the drug Cartels.. and.. I'll agree .. AMLO should do more to protect journalists from the Cartels..

The Cartels with powerful, strong, handsome leaders who are just trying to provide a service to the world. Weed, cocaine, and fentanyl aren't gonna make THEMSELVES... and there is DEMAND.. Those Cartel leaders are providing a SERVICE to the WORLD!!! .. Just like Energy or Food companies..

(Any of you think that'll work?)


GOLF: Practice Rounds today at Pebble Beach (also Spyglass and Monterey Peninsula) for the ATT Pro-Am .. The Euros are in the UAE.. and the "Big Money Saudi Arabia trying to BUY good golfers to play there" tournament is in .. uh.. well.. Saudi Arabia, of course..

Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores is calling out some NFL owners and GM's for RACISM.. Flores interviewed with the NY Giants and the Denver Broncos and said they had decided to hire someone else before the interview but "had to consider a minority for the job to satisfy the "Rooney Rule" (Which says NFL teams MUST interview a minority for an open Head Coaching job).. Flores filed suit against the Dolphins and the NFL ..

Flores is likely NOT wrong. But a lawsuit? You think that is going to make you more employable? .Sometimes a team has a coach in mind and interviews a few others anyway... But, this certainly looks like what Flores is calling it.. I dunno man.. I know there is racism... but.. The NFL is so hyper competitive. They want to WIN.. WIN is the thing.. WIN ..

Mike Tomlin WINS games.. makes playoffs.. If for some reason he left Pittsburgh he would be on top of the list on MOST teams looking for a Head Coach.. Flores is obviously a solid coach.. but he lost.. every year.. 3 years.. no playoffs. The "normal route" after that is a Offensive or Defensive coordinator job for a few years..then try to get a head coaching job.. I'm not sure suing the league helps that process...


Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from the Screaming Yentas show for two weeks for saying the "Holocaust was not about race". As you can imagine, that bothered a lot of people. Her point, that it was deeper and more about "man's humanity and their capacity to be cruel to each other" was a good point.. but.. Yeah..Ya know .... She'll take a two week hiatus..

I am a fan of bikinis..and beautiful women .. and I have nothing against cowboy boots.. But.. together? .. at the same time, Elsa? ... HERE... I mean.. who am I to judge? You make up your own mind... I'll take Elsa Hosk HOWEVER she comes but.. Bikini in Ocean.. HERE .. (no boots) .. Bikini on Boat ..HERE.. barefoot.. .. Am I right? ..

Elsa must not think so.. She threw her boots at me and locked herself in the pool house... I can STILL SEE YOU ELSA!!! .. I have security cameras EVERYWHERE .. stop sulking and eating all the cookie dough ice cream.. Your bikinis won't fit !!

Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania is probably the most famous.. .. Staten Island Chuck is probably the most loved since he bit former Mayor deblasidiot.. and.. Millstone NJ cancelled their Groundhog's Day event yesterday because Millstone Mel ...DIED. Right before his Big Day !! Millstone announced that Mel had, "Passed over the rainbow bridge" .. Whaddaya think? The pressure get to him? Covid? .. Foul Play of some sort?

See what I did there? Groundhog's Day.. repeated itself.. Get it? ... Geezzz.. Why do I waste my "A" material on you people !!!!


Click .. HERE.. after 7:15am EST for Wall Street Update


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