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Read this First 02/08/2021

THE BRADY BUNCH REIGN .. . If you are a Bucs fan or a TB12 fan, that was a GREAT GAME.. if not.. The Bucs defense shut down the Chiefs and turf-toe Mahomes and the commercials were ..BLAH...

In Myanmar: Police fired water cannons at demonstrators in Myanmar’s capital Naypyidaw as thousands of people took to the streets of cities across the country for a third day on Monday to denounce last week’s Military take over of the government. They are demanding the elected PM and Parliament be released from jail...and..

In India, Rescuers are searching for more than 200 people missing in the Himalayas, including some trapped in a tunnel, after part of a glacier broke away, sending a torrent of water, rock and dust down a mountain valley. 18 Bodies have been found. “As of now, around 203 people are missing,” state chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said, and the number was changing as more information about people caught up the deluge emerged from the remote area....and..

In Israel, we have a little Irony.. Police clash with thousands of "Ultra-Orthodox Jews" for violating "Covid lockdown health rules" to attend the funeral of a high ranking rabbi that .....died of COVID..

In Da Swamp: "Executive Action run amok"

Catch and Release is back. .. to my liberal readers.. Im sure you're happy about Biden "undoing" a bunch of Trump Policies.. But, I am wondering if you take away "who made the Executive Order, Obama, Trump or Biden" are you REALLY in favor of? ...

Catch and Release: Because Border Patrol doesn't have space to hold them, they release illegal immigrants and give them a court date to come back.. (That they don't come back for).. Is that a GOOD IDEA?.. and..

Dropping the "Yale Suit" .. There are TWO things disturbing about this.. If the Biden Administration is all about, "Stamping out Racism" why did Biden tell his Justice Department to drop the lawsuit against Yale for racially discriminating against Asian-Americans? .. and further.. the loser Media spent four years chastising President Trump saying the Department of Justice is supposed to be independent and, "not the President's personal lawyer. So, Biden directing his incoming Attorney General to do this is, "OK" ??

Boosting Refugee Admissions: "You DON'T HAAAAVE to Live like a Refugee..... " ...So much for America first..Biden signed an order to increase refugee admissions by 966% from last year. (That's a little misleading.. because last year was a REALLY low number due to Covid, the lowest since 1980) but.. the order will allow 125,000 refugees.. and..

Cancelling asylum deals with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. So, now we cannot send illegal immigrants caught breaking through the border BACK to those countries, immediately..

Biden is taking the Houthi terrorists in Yemen OFF the "terrorist list". This is an apparent attempt to "help negotiations" with Iran. Iran has said they will "Discuss" re-entering the "Nuclear Deal" if the USA "drops all sanctions." Biden says he is willing to negotiate but will not drop ALL sanctions.. This is INSANITY. They are LIARS.. you CANNOT TRUST IRAN.. They fund TERRORISTS..

Is all of that, GOOD? .. and...

Also in the Swamp: The Trump Impeachment trial gets underway this week.. (probably tomorrow)... Trump will NOT testify and the "trial" is likely to be swift because 45 Senators think the Constitution says you can't even HAVE it .. and.. SNL said it pretty well during their, "Weekend Update" .. Trump won't testify.. and part of me is saying, ... awwwww.. C'MON !!.. Give us ONE MORE SHOW.. Walk in there like its the Maury Povich show and You are NOT the Baby's Daddy"


not so SUPER Bowl .. The commercials mostly stunk .. They Booed Biden .. and I turned off the halftime show (the reviews were pretty bad) ... The "people of Tampa" didn't get the "COVID MEMO" and were partying in the streets like it was Mardi Gras.. (SuperSpreader) .. I DO kinda like the new nickname, "CHAMPA Bay" ... and..

Brady made history and the Bucs played a fairly good game. Kept it simple.. Mixed it up.. The Chiefs had trouble moving the ball because the Buc's defense played well.. But.. Defense is BORING.. it was so boring my girlfriend fell asleep on the couch.. of course she didn't sleep through.....

THE PUPPY BOWL .. Team "RUFF" wins the Puppy Bowl .. which.. I gotta say.. Is AWESOME for about 5 minutes.. then Puns get REALLLLLYY OLD.. Commentators, "Herman" Shepard and "Britney" Spaniel? .. Rufferees? .. ENOUGH!!!.. and..

The North Shore Bengals win the "Kitten Bowl" .. again.. cute for 5 minutes.. then PUN HELL .. ..


Brooks Koepka gets motivated and wins the WM Phoenix Open as Xander Schauffele dumps it in the water on 17 and makes bogey... and..

In Saudi Arabia, Dustin Johnson pulls out the victory over a REALLY strong field. (Appearance Fees) .. Tony Finau and Justin Rose are second by two shots.. Rasmus Hojgaard wins, "Best name of those in the Top 10" ..


Donald Trump resigned from the Screen Actors Guild after hearing they were going to "have hearings about discipline or a ban".. He wrote them a funny letter saying, "you never did anything for me.. and most of your members feel the same way" .. The SAG union voted to, "permanently ban" him this weekend.. which means exactly NOTHING.. because.. next year they could vote to UN-ban how "permanent" is THAT? .. and..

The "MyPillow" guy has made an HOURS long video that supposedly, "Shows all the proof of election fraud" .. Of Course, you cannot find it on Google or YouTube because they Censor things they do not like... If you have the free time and are interested... HERE... If you decide to spend 2-3 hours watching it.. Let Me Know if its REAL.. or FAKE News.. ..and..

Since Tampa Bay won the Superbowl .. You can pick which Tampa Bay Cheerleader that YOU Think is the winner.. HERE ..or.. HERE.. or HERE...or.. HERE ... Something for EVERYONE.. .. oh.. actually.. wait.. they are all girls.. if you wanna guy.. we'll go with the SuperBowl streaker .. even though the loser slid RIGHT BEFORE he made it to the end zone.. HERE..


Jim Simons' Renaissance Technologies has seen at least $50B in redemption since the start of December, Bloomberg reports, citing investor letters. Clients withdrew a net $1.85B from the three hedge funds in December, called for $1.95B in January and are set to pull $1.65B this month. Background: The quant-based public hedge funds posted double-digit losses last year. Renaissance told clients in September it was under-hedged during the March plunge and over-hedged when stocks recovered. Its fund for employees and insiders, though, jumped 76%, Institutional Investor reports. Fund's origin: Renaissance, the world's largest quantitative hedge fund firm, was founded in 1982 by Simons, a former codebreaker for the National Security Agency. He announced last month that he's stepping down as chairman of the firm, which managed ~$60B at the time. He'll stay on the board. On the other side of the spectrum: China's hedge funds returned 30% on average last year, according to Shenzhen PaiPaiWang Investment & Management Co., Bloomberg reports, dwarfing the average 12% gain for hedge funds globally. China's hedge landscape is made up of almost 15,000 tiny hedge funds and their outperformance is making it difficult for foreign firms, such as Bridgewater Associates, and Two Sigma, to operate in the country. (43 comments)

South Africa suspends plans to vaccinate front-line health care workers with the Oxford-AstraZeneca (AZN) vaccine after it failed to prevent mild to moderate illness from the COVID-19 strain that's dominant in the country. South Africa received its first 1M doses of the AZN's vaccine last week and was expected to start administering the vaccine in mid-February. Official's statement: "The AstraZeneca vaccine appeared effective against the original strain, but not against the variant," Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said. "We have decided to put a temporary hold on the rollout of the vaccine... more work needs to be done." What's next: Early results from Moderna (MRNA) suggest its vaccine is still effective against the South Africa variant. Developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine are expected to have a modified version to cope with the South Africa coronavirus variant by autumn. (3 comments) Go Deeper: SA contributor Retirement Pot doesn't see AZN's vaccine creating much shareholder value.

Elliott Management, the hedge fund led by Paul Singer and best known for its activist campaigns, has been meeting with bankers as it considers raising more than $1B for a special-purpose acquisition company, the WSJ reports, citing people familiar with the matter. The process is at an early stage and plans could still change, they said. He'd join a group of other activists that have already started SPACs, such as Bill Ackman's Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (PSTH) and Jeff Smith's Starboard Value Acquisition (SVAC). Meanwhile SoftBank (OTCPK:SFTBY) files for two more so-called blank-check companies — SVF Investment Corp. 2 and SVF Investment Corp 3, following its initial SPAC, SVF Investment Corp. (SVFAU), whose stock has jumped nearly 12% since its Jan. 8 IPO. (10 comments)

Hyundai Motor (OTCPK:HYMLF) shares fall 6.2% and Kia Motors (OTCPK:KIMTF) shares fell almost 15% in South Korea after Hyundai made a statement to clarify "rumors" regarding a joint effort with Kia to work with Apple (AAPL) on developing an autonomous electric car. Hyundai said its various discussions about self-driving electric cars are in early stages, with no decisions made at this point. On Feb. 3, Kia Motors shares jumped 10% in South Korea on local reports that Apple would invest KRW 4T ($3.6B), as part of a collaboration with the carmaker to build electric vehicles. Expect to hear about EV development from Ford (F) on Tuesday when its executives participate in a fireside chat hosted by JPMorgan Securities. (81 comments)

What else is happening...

U.S. stock futures gain after Yellen promotes Biden's fiscal plan. Renesas (OTCPK:RNECF) to buy Dialog Semiconductor (OTCPK:DLGNF) for $5.9B. China hits Vipshop (NYSE:VIPS) with 3M-yuan fine. Veolia (OTCPK:VEOEY) goes hostile in bid to buy out Suez (OTCPK:SZEVY). Jittery Ethereum (ETH-USD) traders lighten up ahead of CME futures launch.

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan +2.1%. Hong Kong +0.1%. China +1.0%. India +1.3%. In Europe, at midday, London +0.8%. Paris +0.6%. Frankfurt +0.1%. Futures at 6:20, Dow +0.3%. S&P +0.3%. Nasdaq +0.3%. Crude +1.2% to $57.55. Gold +0.01% at $1815.10. Bitcoin +0.1% to $39383. Ten-year Treasury Yield +1.9 bps to 1.189%


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