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Read this First 03/03/2023


This is a motivational statement that promotes the idea of "not resting on your laurels" . and .. continuing to challenge yourself so that on your deathbed your can look back at a life that made a difference .. A life of purpose..

It can also mean.. Don't eat too much.. Stay a little hungry .. We all saw (and the media mostly ignored) obesity doesn't just "Kill you slowly" with diabetes and heart disease .. it can also KILL YOU QUICKLY when a virus like COVID comes around ..

Why am I on about this today?

More than half of the world's population will be overweight or obese by 2035, according to a new report. The World Obesity Federation's 2023 atlas predicts that 51% of the world, or more than 4 billion people, will be obese or overweight within the next 12 years. America is at 43% of adults considered obese .. so.. We are WELL ON OUR WAY to hit 51% long before 2035.

Don't be a Fatty. I'm not saying not to enjoy life. You don't have to be perfect. I am CERTAINLY not. I should exercise more and drink less wine .. But, eat a banana.. Go for a walk .. Stay around on earth a little longer.. I don't wanna lose readers !!! .. anyways...

You are NEVER gonna believe this one !!! (Oh Yes .. If there was a Sarcasm Font.. I woulda used it.. ).. Seattle's Public School Board is going to have to lay off of a bunch of people .. They have a huge deficit and enrollments have plummeted. .. Oh My!!

How could this have POSSIBLY HAPPENED? Woke Curriculums, unnecessary school shutdowns, no safety because the "bad kids" are really just victims ?? Who would have guessed that would lead to a TWENTY SEVEN PERCENT increase in home schooling and 20% increase in private school enrollment. In the past 2 years???

You get what you vote for, people... and you voted for Woke..

South Carolina: This Alex Murdaugh scum bag got convicted of killing his wife and son and gun charges and other stuff. The evidence that seemed to "get him" was a video his son sent a girl of a dog. You can hear Murdaugh's voice on it and that put him at the crime scene minutes before the murders. He claimed he was elsewhere. .. Hopefully, he dies a painful death in prison.

One thing about this case.. What does it say about America that the story was plastered all over TV and Social media? He is a piece of crap. Why are people obsessed with the story? I don't need dopey news people interrupting Jeopardy to give me the "Breaking news". Put him in jail and tell me tomorrow.. Oh, and I just read that OJ Simpson says Murdaugh probably did it.. So... There's that..

In Da Swamp:

First, this is NOT a stance on Roe v. Wade or pro life vs abortion rights.. It's a shake your head about certain members of our FBI and Department of Justice....

In Congressional hearings Senators have been berating Attorney General Garland for political bias in his department and FBI. Re Jordan of Ohio claimed that the FBI was targeting Catholic and that an internal FBI memo he saw called certain Catholics "Violent extremists". The FBI was planting undercover agents in Catholic congregations.

Senator Josh Hawley (he is Republican so, of course he hates Garland) demanded answers about a Catholic Pennsylvania man accused of "unruly protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood". Mark Houck wasn't charged by any local authorities but the DOJ sent 20 agents armed with rifles to arrest Houck.

They stormed house with his wife and kids inside even AFTER Houck had agreed to turn himself in to the Feds.. ... Talk about egregious.. Absolute Political Theater against political opponents. Garland, as expected, claimed there was no bias and that Hawley had facts of the case wrong. Hawley asked, "which ones? What is wrong" Garland would not answer... (Side note. Houck was acquitted. The jury returned a verdict in minutes.)

This is all known "deep state crap" .. There have been so many cases in the past 5 years that have exploded in the FBI and DOJ's face is no longer in doubt. .. But, the testimony of another guy that REALLY shows the slimy deep staters at work .. The "guy" is FBI Special Agent Garret O'Boyle from the Kansas City Field Office.

O'Boyle testified things like, "I was forced to take one domestic terrorism case and break it into four separate cases so that the Bureau could show Congress a "surge in domestic terrorism cases" ..

He said after Roe v. Wade the FBI created a threat tag, "ThreatstoScotus2022". (Relevant cases are "tagged" with this so that you can search the tag and gather info on similar cases).

O'Boyle claims the tag started with cases against Judges but quickly became a tool to monitor pro-life individuals. He questioned, "why would it push into pro-life? It's the pro-abortion rights people that are protesting and threatening Judges" ... O'Boyle was suspended for answering these questions to members of Congress and claims the FBI would not let him access a locker where his belongings were.

Chris Christie told a radio show that he thinks it is very likely Donald Trump is indicted by summertime. He says that Jack Smith (the Special Counsel investigating Trump for Jan 6th and the FBI Documents thing) likes to prosecute cases so he is more likely to bring a case than not. He said the investigations in NY are likely to bring indictments. ..

"In terms of the likelihood of indictment, I'd put New York first, the special counsel second, Georgia third," Christie said. .. Now, Christie is a former prosecutor and knows this stuff well.. But, he also kinda hates Trump. Trump fired him (likely because Jared Kushner made him. Christie put Kushners dad in Prison).. So, Christie isn't exactly impartial .. and ..

Longtime Senator Diane Feinstein has been hospitalized with shingles. (Get the Vaccine, people!!) .. She expects to make a full recovery. She is 89 ..

If you get arrested in Delaware you might want to hire and out of state lawyer. In the name of "equity and racial diversity" Delaware has lowered the passing score for the state bar exam. .. HAHHAHHA.. Absolute insanity .. What's next? Get your M.D. without going to med school?


Golf: The Arnold Palmer Invitational: Jon Rahm leads and continues to dominate finishing his round Eagle-Birdie-Birdie.

NHL: Patrick Kane makes his debut as a Ranger and... well.. No goals, No assists, a -2 and Rangers lose 5-3 to Ottawa .. Is it good luck to bomb the first game?

NCAA: Selection Sunday is next week. Conference Championships and Bubble Watching begins .. Starting with pre-season #1 North Carolina who is currently on the wrong side of the bubble ..


Camilla Alves (Matthew McConaughey's wife) ..HERE..HERE.. was onboard that plane from Dallas that hit turbulence and dropped 4,000 feet. Seven people were hospitalized .. They were the ones that didn't have their seat belts fastened. Buckle Up B*tches !!! ..and..

Liar Loser Jussie Smollet is appealing his 150 day sentence for his hoax hate crime. Eff Him.. He should do a few years.. Although, it IS Chicago where murderers walk the streets..

Sami Sheen (daughter of Denis Richards and Charlie Sheen) is posting pics from Hawaii trying to drum up business for her OnlyFans Page .. HERE.. HERE.. ..Mom's good looks ..and Dad's "Crazy" .. What could POSSIBLY go wrong??


The crypto world has taken a beating since the FTX disaster, which reverberated through the entire system in recent months, and this week witnessed a solvency crisis at crypto-focused bank Silvergate Capital (SI). However, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) (+34% YTD), Ethereum (ETH-USD) (+29% YTD) and other tokens have managed to shake off the headlines, and talk of a more centralized industry is heating up again. In fact, Nellie Liang, Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance, shed some light on the possible launch of a digital dollar, as she leads a new senior-level working group that will explore central bank digital currencies. Snapshot: Popularly known as CBDCs, these tokens would represent a nation's fiat currency, and became notable after President Biden signed an executive order on cryptocurrency policy (see what SA contributor Allard Peng said it would mean for DeFi at the time). Current discussions center around whether a CBDC would preserve the dollar's global strategic role with regards to the architecture of the international financial system, and benefit U.S. households in terms of lowering transaction and borrowing costs. Other priorities include preserving national security, protecting privacy and preventing illicit financial transactions. Liang also noted that CBDCs are only one of several options for upgrading the Fed's legacy capabilities in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. Another one is real time payment systems, like the FedNow Service, which is expected to launch later this year. "There are also risks of a retail CBDC, including the potential for runs into a retail CBDC that could destabilize private sector lending during stress periods," she added. "The Fed is conducting technology research and experimentation to inform design choices so that it is positioned to issue a CBDC if it were determined to be in the national interest." How do CBDCs differ from electronic cash? When money is deposited into a bank account, the commercial entity takes responsibility for the sum. The cash is then held in electronic form and can be used across a variety of platforms, but it's limited to the bank's ledger. In the case of CBDCs, the government is the counterparty and takes liability for the money, while the ledger that's being used (known as the rails) can be a very different structure than a commercial institution. (23 comments)

Equities gained traction in the middle of session on Thursday following comments from Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic, who said the central bank could be in a position to pause rate hikes this summer. Major U.S. equity averages finished higher, allowing the S&P 500 (SP500) and Nasdaq (COMP.IND) to halt a two-session slide. The job market “continues to run unsustainably hot, and that inflation is not coming down as fast as I had thought," countered Fed Governor Christopher Waller, who added that "wishful thinking is not a substitute for hard evidence in the form of economic data." Rising interest rates have seen mortgage prices climb this week above their 52-week average, while recent reports suggest that Blackstone (BX) just defaulted on a €531M mortgage-backed bond. (56 comments)

In the wake of Norfolk Southern's (NSC) train derailment disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wrote the CEOs of the seven major railroads to ask them to join the Federal Railroad Administration's Confidential Close Call Reporting System. Despite years of refusing to do so, Association of American Railroads CEO Ian Jefferies just replied to Buttigieg that all seven Class I railroads will join the program. Specifically, AAR wants FRA to improve the quality and speed of reporting, ensure that reports are kept confidential, take steps to prevent employee misuse of the program, and share information in a more timely manner. Earlier this week, Barclays saw upside in rail stocks despite downbeat investor sentiment. (8 comments)

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is reportedly headed toward European Union antitrust approval of a $69B bid for Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI), thanks to its offers to license videogames to its competitors. That suggests what looked like a key hurdle will instead clear the way for Microsoft's biggest-ever acquisition, and set up a bigger competitive battle with Sony (SONY) and Tencent (OTCPK:TCEHY). SA contributor The Value Analyst called the merger arbitrage opportunity in early February, noting the deal was more likely to go through than not. Microsoft also apparently won't have to shed assets, which was noted in earlier reports, though it still has a ways to go to allay concerns in the U.S. and the U.K. (16 comments)

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan +1.5%. Hong Kong +0.7%. China +0.5%. India +1.5%. In Europe, at midday, London +0.2%. Paris +0.7%. Frankfurt +1.1%. Futures at 6:30, Dow +0.2%. S&P +0.3%. Nasdaq +0.4%. Crude -0.5% to $77.81. Gold +0.7% to $1853. Bitcoin -4.6% to $22,347. Ten-year Treasury Yield -7 bps to 4.00%

Today's Economic Calendar

What else is happening...

Retail watch: Blowout earnings from Macy's (M) and Kroger (KR). Nordstrom (JWN) is winding down its operations in Canada. Activist hedge fund Third Point said to take stake in AMD (AMD). Walmart (WMT) plans to double healthcare center footprint in 2024. Citigroup (C) cuts hundreds of jobs, mainly in investment banking. Bribery: Ericsson (ERIC) pays millions to resolve breached DOJ deal. Ford (F) set to restart F-150 Lightning production in mid-March. EV revolution? ChargePoint (CHPT) powers down after latest earnings. ...SA Marketplace author Stone Fox Capital sees 'only CHPT pain ahead.' Save-the-Earth letdown at Tesla (TSLA), but analysts expect trouble with legacy automakers.


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