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Read this First 1/12/2021

Fascist Radical Socialist Takeover.

One of the MANY things that happen on TV or in the so-called "news media" that makes me SCREAM.. WRONG YOU IDIOTS" .. is when people misuse words... either because they are ignorant.. or they are deliberately trying to mislead. Whether stupid or evil, almost ALL media is involved in this "whipping Americans into a frenzy" and saying things that are just WRONG.

To be clear.. for the umpteenth time.. I am not one that bleeds Trump Maga-red.. I think many of the things that Trump has tweeted or said are purposely inflammatory, baiting, and stupid. (aka as "Trolling" in today's vernacular).. I am in NO WAY saying he doesn't say stuff thats over the line... But, the Loser Media, Democratic Leaders, and heads of Large Tech companies are completely misrepresenting what happened at the Capitol.

There was a rally. The President encouraged supporters to go to the Capitol and tell their elected Representatives to exercise their power under the US Constitution and Election Law to demand a 10 day investigation into potential voter fraud.

The Congress CAN and HAS done this in the past.. and NO not only in 1825. It happened in 2005 as Democrats Contested the "irregularities in voting". Of course, in 2005 Republicans called it political grandstanding and conspiracy theories.. Pelosi and Democrats said it was following the Constitution and Election law and it was, "their DUTY as public servants" to investigate. You can almost just flip "Republican and Democrat" and its the same stuff being said today... almost word for word... A message to all those companies so proudly claiming they are "Stopping all donations to those that voted to object to some Electoral votes".. Are you suspending payments to those that voted that way in 2005, too? .. or are you just "Penalizing all Trump Supporters"??

Most of the protesters are guilty of trespassing. (actually.. MOST of the protesters went home.. the ones that actually entered the building were trespassing). Most wandered the halls and took pictures. (I get that from the videos and pictures online) A FEW of them turned violent.. and I have STILL not seen a photo or video of a protester with a gun. The only ones I've seen are the police that shot the unarmed woman. Had the Capitol police leaders done their job, none of this would have happened. There should have been more police and stronger lockdown procedures. Police leaders claim they asked for the National Guard BEFORE the Protest.. The Governor of Maryland says he mobilized the National Guard ahead of time.. He says he contacted officials MANY TIMES and offered National Guard troops but no one would request them. So, Hey REPORTERS.. GO FIND OUT WHO IS LYING...

ANYONE that thinks this was some kind of "armed insurrection" to "take over the Government" is OUT OF THEIR MIND with Trump Derangement Syndrome. I mean, Really? In the words of soon to be President Biden: C'Mon Man !!! ... You REALLY believe that if a Billionaire, that half the Country voted for, wanted to force a Coup d'etat attempt that he would do THAT?.. Tell a few hundred supporters to "Go be heard!!!"??... THAT would be his plan?? .. if you ACTUALLY believe that.. there is NO HOPE for you..

What you are watching unfold with the "cancelling" of Conservative websites and voices, the misinformation campaign about what is REALLY going on, and the coordination to "de-platform" or shut up the opposition is outright fascism. Go ask ANYONE who lived in the USSR after WWII.. or READ a history book.. or if you REALLY want to know what happens when leaders pull crap like this.. go read, "The Gulag Archipelago" (you can read the Whitney and Willett's translation. You don't have to go learn Russian.) It is almost EXACTLY what is happening today in Washington.

These people are outright elitist fascists... and we are not "misusing the English language here is the definition of Fascism from the Mirriam Webster Dictionary: (emphasis mine)

"..a movement or regime... that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.. "

Insert today.. Radical Left socialists/Trump Haters in place of "movement" and it is pretty much the Soviet "Playbook" that is playing out today...

The "reasons" or "excuses" these Social Media companies are using is LAUGHABLE. They are cancelling accounts and pulling plugs because they claim a "zero tolerance for supporting violence".. Really? That's your actual "policy" ?? .. all of those protests that turned into riots that were organized on Facebook over the past 9 months.. What about those?

In da Swamp: Of Course Nancy Pelosi is not busy "working for the people" she is busy playing politics.. She tried to Impeach President Trump and failed the unanimous consent vote. She will keep trying.. even though Trump will be gone in a week.. Great use of those taxpayer dollars that pay your salary.. A few Democrats are claiming it's necessary so that Trump can't run again in 2024. (again.. read definition of Fascism... "forcible suppression of the opposition")

There are a few different legal scholars chiming in but the Impeachment process is for a sitting President.. and the penalty is removal from office. Should they attempt to try him as a private citizen there is no charge. His statements are protected speech.

If you feel like you just want to shut out all media because the news is so bad.. I am in that same boat.. but if the good people close their eyes and do nothing.. .. America is doomed...


NCAAF: Alabama are your National Champions, Again... Ohio State is tough but the Tide just have too many weapons. I think you'll see 5 of those guys starting in the NFL next year.. ..

GOLF: Joaquin Niemann was feeling pretty good about himself. He shot -9 on the final day of the "Sentry Tournament of Champions-and some other guys" .. and had a shot lead over Harris English as he sat at a picnic table with his girlfriend chatting and laughing.. and NOT staying loose on the practice range getting ready for a playoff..

Harris English birdies 18... Playoff.. Niemann dumps his second shot into knee deep rough and LOSES.. I'd say he was probably kicking himself and miserable.. But.. with a $783,000 check and a girlfriend that looks like this.. HERE...or...HERE.. I'm betting he was doing something ELSE last night...

I must have tons of readers in Philadelphia.. When Coach Doug Pederson took out Jalen Hurts and put in Nate Sudfeld late in the last game I said he should be CANNED for dumping the game. Eagles fans and Eagles Players freaked on Pederson for a week and the owner CANNED HIM. Yeah.. he won a Superbowl.. but Jalen Hurts is the future of the franchise.. you can't hurt his confidence like that..

NO THANKS .. President Trump wanted to give Coach Bill Belichick the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Bill said, "Thanks but No Thanks".. He'll probably get it from Biden now to diss Trump...


Lucy.. you've got some 'Splainnnin to do!!!. Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are in talks to do a "Biopic" on Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez called, "Being the Ricardos" .. in a sign of the times.. the film is expected to go straight to, Amazon Prime.

Dancer Sharna Burgess.. HERE.. is off the market for the moment. She is officially dating Brian Austin Green.. who must have a magic wand or something.. he hasn't done anything big in 20 years and moved from Megan Fox ..HERE.. to Sharna Burgess seen HERE trying tot kick defenseless dogs like Baxter.. ..

Race Car Driver Hailie Deegan ..HERE .. ..HERE being forced into sensitivity training after calling a fellow driver a retard. They were playing an online driving game and she was heard saying, "who is that retard behind me". Now, she should NOT have said that.. but I promise she is ALREADY sensitive.. When we watched "Marley and Me" she was crying like a baby..

Following in the footsteps of Marriott (NASDAQ:MAR), JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) and Citigroup (NYSE:C), a growing number of big businesses have decided to suspend or review their campaign donations in the wake of last week's riot at the U.S. Capitol. The storming led to five deaths, including one police officer, prompting many C-suite executives to take action. There is widespread anger in the business community at what they see as a challenge against any disruption in the "peaceful transition of power," or the democratic stability on which business depends. Pausing all political spending: American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL), Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE:ADM), BlackRock (NYSE:BLK), Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX), BP (NYSE:BP), Charles Schwab (NYSE:SCHW), ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Google (GOOG, GOOGL), Kroger (NYSE:KR), Marathon Oil (NYSE:MRO), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Union Pacific (NYSE:UNP), U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB) and UPS (NYSE:UPS). Suspending donations to Republicans who objected to electoral votes: Airbnb (NASDAQ:ABNB), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), American Express (NYSE:AXP), AT&T (NYSE:T), Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA), Dow Inc. (NYSE:DOW), General Electric (NYSE:GE), Mastercard (NYSE:MA) and Verizon (NYSE:VZ). Some statistics: In the 2020 election, Republican candidates and committees received a total of $205M in campaign donations from corporate PACs, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, while Democratic candidates and causes received $155M. Thought bubble: This is not the period in the political cycle when candidates are out raising money. Since most PACs donate closer to presidential and legislative votes, it'll be interesting to see how much lasting pain Corporate America will inflict as the midterm elections approach in November 2022. (77 comments)

Equities took a breather on Monday following a rally that took major U.S. indexes to record highs, though the pullback does not seem to be lasting long, as futures look to start today's session on the right foot. Dow +0.3%; S&P 500 +0.3%; Nasdaq +0.5%. Quote: "This market refuses to traffic in everything that's going wrong and instead focuses on what could go right," Jim Cramer declared, adding that the positivity on Wall Street could also be seen in the way that numerous individual stocks exchanged hands. Despite the Sriwijaya Air crash, Boeing (BA) shares finished well off their session lows after a Baird analyst in a new note called it a "top cyclical play on recovery," while Tesla (TSLA) is up nearly 3% premarket after its first negative day in 12. Social media stocks also plunged Monday after banning President Trump from their platforms, but are all heading into the green this morning. The selloff in Bitcoin, which was down nearly 25% at one point, appears to have stabilized (for the time being), up 1% to the $36,000-level. Outlook: Investors have largely ignored last week's attack on the Capitol, Democrats' move to impeach President Trump and countless headlines that have flashed "market bubble" warnings. Traders are also paying close attention to forecasts and corporate views of the economy as earnings season kicks off this week. Earnings for S&P 500 companies overall are expected to jump about 24% in 2021, according to data from Refinitiv, which includes strong rebounds for sectors like industrials, materials and financials. (8 comments)

"Given the violent events in Washington, DC, and increased risk of harm, we began permanently suspending thousands of accounts that were primarily dedicated to sharing QAnon content on Friday afternoon," Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) confirmed in a blog post. "We've been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm." Statistics: "Since Friday, more than 70,000 accounts have been suspended as a result of our efforts, with many instances of a single individual operating numerous accounts. These accounts were engaged in sharing harmful QAnon-associated content at scale and were primarily dedicated to the propagation of this conspiracy theory across the service." Citing its Coordinating Harm policy, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) also announced it will remove content containing the phrase "stop the steal" from its services in the lead-up to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20, but will allow "robust conversations related to the election outcome to continue." Go deeper: Parler has filed a lawsuit against Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), accusing the tech giant of violating antitrust law after it suspended web hosting of the "free speech" microblogging platform. In a complaint filed in federal court in Washington state, Parler said the decision was "motivated by political animus" and designed to reduce competition to the benefit of Twitter, which is also an AWS customer. Parler is asking for an emergency order to reject Amazon's shutdown, saying it was the equivalent of "pulling the plug on a hospital patient on life support" and "will kill Parler's business - at the very time it is set to skyrocket." (24 comments)

Cue the tweet from Elon Musk... Five days ago, the tech billionaire and avid Twitter (TWTR) user prompted his followers to "use Signal" - the encrypted messaging app that's funded by a nonprofit and is seeing a surge in popularity. A recent policy change at WhatsApp saw the Facebook (FB) unit expand control over the user data it collects, while Signal has a history of fighting any entity that asks for information and adds features to further anonymize users where possible. What happened? There was some confusion (and maybe a bit of stock gambling). Traders responded to Musk's tweet by pushing up the price of Signal Advance (OTCPK:SIGL), a small component manufacturer whose stock trades over the counter and hasn't filed an annual report with the SEC since 2019. Shares were trading at just $0.60 before the big tweet, but quickly climbed to $6.64 over Thursday and Friday. The stock shot up again yesterday to close at $38.70, resulting in a whopping 6,380% advance over the three trading sessions, as well as a market cap of more than $3B. Flashback: A similar occurrence happened last year. The rising popularity of trendy video-calling service Zoom Video (NASDAQ:ZM) saw a sharp rise in the stock price of Zoom Technologies, which traded under "ZOOM." The SEC later suspended trading of the wireless product distributor, partly because of the widespread confusion. Fat-finger errors in the financial markets traditionally took place when an order to buy or sell was placed of far greater size than intended or other input errors. Traders may now be looking at similar style discrepancies when it comes to company names or ticker symbols. (74 comments)

Days after Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 went down in the Java Sea, Indonesian Navy divers have recovered one of the black boxes from the Boeing (NYSE:BA) 737-500 airliner. As crash investigators await the second recording device, a common question is once again surfacing: Why don't airlines stream their communications data? Some history: Black boxes have been on planes since the late 1950s, and now every commercial aircraft has two: A flight data recorder that typically collects information like basic speed and altitude, and a cockpit voice recorder that captures sounds and conversations. They are housed in a metal shell built to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure, and although they are referred to as black boxes, they are typically orange in color, making them easier to spot in murky or deep waters. While each box contains a beacon, the unit has only enough battery power to transmit a "ping" for 30 days. Still, in our big data and cloud storage era, when smartphones can receive real-time traffic updates and NASA can monitor rovers on Mars, why aren't commercial airliners tracked in real-time or their black box data streamed back to the ground? 1) Reliable inflight internet is still only in a small geographic subset of the world and the sheer amount of data collected by flight recorders is immense, meaning satellite time and storage would be very expensive. While there are some black box streaming services, they generally don't send data continuously to ground-based computers, but rather activate in the event of an abnormal occurrence, and quickly send a torrent of data to the airline for analysis. 2) It's not easy to retrofit new equipment to old aircraft from Boeing, Airbus (OTCPK:EADSY) and others, which are designed to be extremely precise. The aviation sector is also an extremely "long-cycle" industry, where things change very slowly. 3) There's no regulatory requirement mandating live black box data on new aircraft models, and any changes would be slow and complicated. The NTSB has been recommending the use of video recording in cockpits for the past two decades, but pilots' unions have fought against the efforts due to privacy reasons. They have also balked at the idea of making their voice recordings available to anyone beyond accident investigators. (40 comments)

What else is happening...

Pandemic fallout... Carnival (NYSE:CCL) set to post $2.2B quarterly loss. Walmart (NYSE:WMT) makes a fintech play with new startup. Crypto marketplace Bakkt to go public via SPAC deal. Ford (NYSE:F) to end manufacturing in Brazil, sees $4.1B in charges. BofA says chip picks ready to take off: 'Let's get cyclical.'

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan +0.1%. Hong Kong +1.3%. China +2.2%. India +0.5%. In Europe, at midday, London -0.7%. Paris -0.2%. Frankfurt flat. Futures at 6:20, Dow +0.3%. S&P +0.3%. Nasdaq +0.5%. Crude +1.4% to $52.98. Gold +0.6% at $1861.70. Bitcoin +1.2% to $35961. Ten-year Treasury Yield +2 bps to 1.16%

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