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Read this First 10/07/2019

I MADE IT!!! I made it through the WHOLE weekend without eating any children..and the world didn't come to an end !! Take THAT Alex o'Cortez!!!

It is ON in Syria. Turkey is about to take action against Kurds along its border with Syria. The US Troops (who backed the Kurds) are withdrawing from the border area in Syria. In this "New Approach" the White House will hold Turkey responsible for putting down, capturing and imprisoning all ISIS fighters. While this fulfills President Trump's promise to bring "US Troops home and stop fighting endless wars" many Veterans and Military leaders think its a big mistake. They claim the Kurds will "Never Trust the USA ever again" and the region will become much less stable. ("Stable" you like how they use words like that? "Less Stable" really means more terrorists and more dead bodies.. ) .. and.. in Hong Kong the violence continues. Many protesters defied the "Mask Ban" and were rioting and protesting. There were several arrests. There were reports that some citizens of Hong Kong are getting tired of the endless protests. One man yelled at the crowd, "We are all Chinese" and was beaten by a group of protesters. Another man drove his taxi through a group that were blocking the street. The government shut down the mass transit system. This situation does not look like its going to get better.. or go away soon..

Over in the USA: The GM strike enters another week without a resolution. The "Word" is that the negotiations took a turn for the worse over "New Hire Pay" and "Job Security". It's certainly a tough situation. The world is headed to electric and driverless cars with more technology. As a company, it's hard to promise job security and high pay when the competition is paying workers WAY less in Japan and China and Mexico. The outcome of this negotiation could have serious effects on the 2020 Presidential Election. Michigan is definitely an "In Play for Either Party" State... and..

In Da SWAMP: The Network Talk Show hosts are melting down. The Sunday Bobble heads are freaking out that America is not following them like Lemmings off the "Impeachment Time" cliff. They just cannot come to grips with the fact that they have lost their "Power" over most Americans by lying and exaggerating and pushing their political opinions and being elitist brats..all while telling people they are "Reporting the News". They are partisan hacks pushing a narrative and America is DONE with them. .. Now, that is NOT to say the "Story of Ukraine, The Clinton Foundation, The Servers, The Trump Pushing to investigate Biden, the Biden's son getting a cushy job and payoffs he didn't deserve.. all of it.. its ALL using Political Power to get stuff for yourself. That SUX!!! .. The problem is.. no one covers it all fairly. The Trump people ONLY push the Biden/Clinton angle .. and the Loser media calls the Biden controversy, "DeBunked". Really? Who "debunked it"? Ohh.. YOU!!!!.. YOU say it's Debunked so that means it's debunked? Look Politicians.. You people were sent to Washington to REPRESENT Americans. DO YOUR JOB!!! .. Fund bills to FIX ROADS, LOWER DRUG PRICING, Deal with Mental Health Issues.. Deal with the HOMELESS PROBLEM. If the Medai want to be taken seriously ever again, COVER THOSE STORIES.. ... and...

The reason the Talk Show Hosts are fuming is that they are reporting there is a "Second Whistle Blower" and America is NOT outraged like the Talk Show Hosts WANT them to be. First, a "Whistleblower" comes forward to report or unveil or bring to light some criminal behavior that is being hidden from the public and authorities. The SECOND person is not a "Whistleblower". They are a corroborating witness.. or .. second "accuser". The Talk Show Hosts like to say "second Whistleblower" because that word insinuates "bad things were done" and makes the Talk Show Hosts adversary look worse. LOOK.. We GET IT.. You Hate the "Evil Orange Man" ... The "BIG" Question seems to be if Nancy Pelosi will call an Impeachment Vote anytime soon. One of her many problems is that she has totally botched the process. There is supposed to be a VOTE on whether to start an Impeachment Inquiry. She just Announced it, instead. (Actually, the Constitution is pretty vague on actual proceedings.. but.. that's what has happened in the past. In the case of President Clinton, the House voted to start the Inquiry, then the Committees did their investigations.) Pelosi decided to "hold the vote" in the Press. The country is TIRED of ALL OF THESE SWAMP RATS and wants NONE of it, anymore. My advice to the Dems? Hold the vote.. Take your medicine.. and try to get past it before the 2020 Elections. I doubt they'll listen to me.....and..

A big GET WELL to Jimmy Carter. The Former President had a fall at his home and was hospitalized. He has a black eye and a few stitches and is recovering. You gotta hang in there until Springtime, at least!!! We don't want a National Day off to mourn on a Blustery Fall day or a Cold Winter One !!!

SPORTS: MLB: The "Baseball playoffs story" this weekend was The Big Inning. The Dodgers explode for 7 runs in the sixth and beat the Nats 10-4 to take a 2-1 series lead.. Atlanta rallies for 3 runs in the Ninth to beat St Louis 3-1 and take a 2-1 series lead.. and Didi Gregorius belts a Grand Salami in a 7 run Third inning as the Yankees beat the Twins 8-2 and take a 2-0 Series lead ... GOLF: Rahm wins in Spain.. and Kevin Na beats Patrick Cantlay in a playoff at the Shriners in Vegas. (Weird Hats, Great Charity). The PGA Tour is in Houston this week and the Euros are in Rome for the Italian Open.. and in the NFL: Oakland scores early then holds off the Bears to win in London .. and.. are the Eagles THAT good or are the Jets THAT bad? Philly wins 31-6 (Hint: The Jets are Bad) .. and.. Tough day for Steeler fans. A 26-23 OT loss to the Ravens and QB Mason Rudolph is gonna be out for a while after a hit that is hard to watch. He is in LA LA land. .. Monday Night Football is Cleveland and San Francisco. Before you say, "YAWN", the Browns are actually 2-2. The 49ers coming off a bye week... and maybe Odell Beckham Jr can get through a game without getting into a fight.. .. Speaking of Fights.. Israel Adesanya knocks out Robert Whittaker to unify the UFC Title. Just and FYI, the fight drew 57,127 in Australia. That's more than the average NFL game. (Don't be emailing me with Bullsheet facts like, "The Average NFL Attendance is like 65,000. That's CRAP. That might be the PAID tickets.. but there is NO WAY that many people show up) .. ..and.. I'm going to make a prediction that you'll rarely hear a Yankee fan make: The Mets will hire Joe Girardi as manager and MAKE THE PLAYOFFS next year.

CELEBRIDIOTS: RIPs to Ginger Baker, 80. The Baker was a legendary Drummer (and Partier) who played in CREAM and Blind Faith and is widely considered to be "One of a Kind" .. Also, RIP to Diahann Carroll, 84. The Tony award winner and actress in "Julia" and "Dynasty" died of cancer... and another RIP to RIP. Rip Taylor the silly confetti throwing comedian was 84. Bad things happen in "Three's" , eh? Good thing for Jimmy Carter that three famous people already died this weekend.. .. and.. The Movie, "The Joker" is opening to huge crowds, although some are walking out. With a "World Wide Opening" of $234 Million The Joker is cashing in at the box office. But, some are walking out because its "just too scary" .. and others are walking out saying it "glamorizes gun violence". I might have to go see this one BEFORE it hits NetFlix!! .. ..and.. I think it is just fantastic that we are now in an age where Calvin Klein can feature a same-sex couple in an underwear ad and it is not at all controversial. Justine and Hailey are pioneers. HERE ... and... Eddie Murphy has DEFINITELY gotten tired of sitting on his couch doing nothing. Not only is the sequel to "Coming to America" about to debut but Eddie confirms Beverly Hills Cop 4 is in the works, too. I guess those Child Support Payments are adding up!! .. and.. for the Girls out there that ask, "How does she still look so good" when they see Julia HERE in a throwback Polka Dot Dress. The answer is SO simple. First, Look like THIS when you are 21 .. Then Eat some Mystic Pizza .. then make MILLIONS so that you can afford expensive skin treatments and ....BOOM!!!!!. You look good at 51. See? SIMPLE!!!

Broadly positive U.S. jobs data has quelled some fears about an economic slowdown, but nervousness over U.S.-China trade talks is setting in, as well as more weak economic data out of Europe (see below). The mood is once again weighing on U.S. stock index futures, which have started the week down 0.5%. While Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is expected to resume discussions with U.S. counterparts later this week, there have been a number of reports that Beijing may not be as willing to compromise on a number of issues or agree to a broad trade deal pursued by President Trump. Go deeper: David Lerner discusses stocks and trade talks.

HSBC (NYSE:HSBC) is planning the mass layoffs as interim CEO Officer Noel Quinn seeks to reduce costs across the banking group and help prop up share prices, sources told FT. Quinn became interim CEO in August after the bank announced the surprise departure of John Flint, saying it needed a change at the top to address "a challenging global environment." HSBC could announce the start of the cuts when it reports Q3 results later this month. Go deeper: Performance remains robust at HSBC, says Regents Research.

PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) is officially withdrawing from the group of companies Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) had assembled to launch a global crypto-based payments network. Reports first surfaced a week ago that Visa (NYSE:V), Mastercard (NYSE:MA) and other partners would reconsider their support following a backlash from U.S. and European government officials. Libra was envisioned to be a way to send money between people and pay for goods and services online, running on a blockchain network backed by a pool of real assets and currencies. Go deeper: Earnings and relationships should allow PayPal to grow, writes AllStarTrader.

The data was in focus overnight after a weak reading last month gave weight to concerns that Europe's biggest economy was teetering toward recession. Factory orders slumped by 6.7% Y/Y in August due to the the U.S.-China trade war, the slowdown in the eurozone, and economic problems at home. Last week, a flurry of PMI and ISM reports showed that global manufacturing is shrinking, hitting markets and equites across the globe.

"The U.S. economy is currently in a good place with low inflation, low unemployment, and an outlook for continued moderate growth," Kansas City Fed President Esther George said Sunday. George, who dissented against the quarter-percentage-point rate cuts made at the July and September FOMC meetings, didn't rule out supporting another rate reduction if it's warranted, but appeared skeptical over the need for further action. "The moderation of economic growth in 2019 has been in line with my own outlook that calls for a gradual decline to a trend level over the medium term."

The partnership between Target (NYSE:TGT) and Disney (NYSE:DIS) has taken another step forward with new Disney stores now open inside 25 Target locations. The large store-in-a-store concept arrives just ahead of the merchandise blitz for the films Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Disney is anticipated to debut stores in 40 more Target locations by October of next year. Disney items also have a special page on the Target website. Go deeper: 'Target: Still A Very Solid Hold' by Daniel Schönberger.

According to preliminary estimates, Joker hauled in $93.5M in the U.S. and Canada in its opening weekend, becoming the highest-grossing October debut in history. An additional $140.5M internationally gave Warner Bros. (NYSE:T) another reason to smile, bringing the movie's total gross to $234M worldwide. Produced for considerably less than the hundreds of millions of dollars often spent making comic-book films, Joker could end up being one of the studio's most profitable films of 2019.

Contract talks aimed at ending the three-week strike by the United Auto Workers against General Motors (NYSE:GM) have "taken a turn for the worse," a union official wrote in an email to members. GM made an offer to the union that essentially repeated one already rejected by the UAW, according to Terry Dittes, the UAW VP in charge of the GM department. Analysts estimate the strike has cost GM more than $1B, while LMC Automotive estimates the company has lost production of 118K vehicles through Oct. 2. Go deeper: Ray Merola is holding GM shares through the full cycle and next upturn.

What else is happening...

Merck’s (NYSE:MRK) Keytruda becoming world's no. 1 selling drug.

Unilever (UN, UL) to halve use of new plastic.

Internal struggle for Nissan (OTCPK:NSANY) control.

Lira weakens 1.1% on Syria military operation.

Socialists retain power in Portugal amid economic reforms.

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan -0.2%. Hong Kong closed. China closed. India -0.4%. In Europe, at midday, London +0.2%. Paris +0.2%. Frankfurt +0.3%. Futures at 6:20, Dow -0.5%. S&P -0.5%. Nasdaq -0.5%. Crude +0.6% to $53.10. Gold -0.4% to $1507.20. Ten-year Treasury Yield +1 bps to 1.52%

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