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Read this First 10/10/2019

YOU ARE NOT DOING YOUR PART !!!  I keep doing the, "Get up in the dark and scour worldwide news stories to find things to inform and entertain you..." Part.. (You must like it.. because.. if you are reading it everyday ...and you DON'T like it... then that makes you some kind of sadistic freak) ... but you have NOT been doing YOUR part in this..  YOU are supposed to be getting the word out.. so that Viewer Traffic increases (That's Internet Advertising Lingo for "More People Watch") ..  You see, I just filed my taxes (Easy there, Accountant Types.  I know taxes are due April 15 not October 15.  But, I was on extension due to delayed K-1 reports.  So, simmer down)..  and my accountant pointed out that the IRS needs to see some revenues to go along with the expenses (website fees, email service bills, news feed subscriptions.. Bar Bills..) or they will consider the RANT a "hobby" rather than a "business" and shut down the LLC.

Have any of you ever heard the expression, "That's not a THREAT, That's a PROMISE??" ..

Well, this IS A THREAT.   Stop what you're doing.. Sign up everyone in your email contact list to get the RANT...  Even your old, liberal Grandma. (They LOVE Raj!!) ..Right up there ^  ...  (If you are too lazy or don't know how then Click "Contacts" on your Email. Then Click "Share Contacts" and send them to and ILL DO IT ). .... Then ...  follow @rajsearing on Twitter HERE  .. and make ALL YOUR FRIENDS and RELATIVES follow @rajsearing on Twitter.  Why?  Because NO ONE gets in a "Twitter Feud that Goes Viral" with a guy with 12 followers.. they think it's a Russian Bot.   We need some sort of critical mass so that one of these Famous Freaks might decide to pick a fight with RAJ!!!. (Can you picture that?  THAT will be a FUN READ.. I can Promise you !!!)

Joking aside. GET A MITT AND GET IN THE GAME!!! .. We need another 1,000 or so people involved.  I can't do this for free forever.. and getting up at 5am is getting OLD ..

In Da News:  Gunmen in Halle, Germany attacked a synagogue yesterday during their High Holy Day, Yom Kippur.  2 people were killed and a few others injured. They have one of these losers in custody and are searching for the others.  WTF is wrong with people?  ...   Over in the Middle East, Turkey launched a bombing raid against targets in northern Syria angering most of the World Community.  Politicians from all sides blamed President Trump for abandoning the Kurds.  (Well, except for Rand Paul.  Paul has been a proponent of the USA getting out of the "Station Troops Everywhere" game for a long time. ).. Yes, they may be "rebel forces" and do terrorist things to Turkey.. But, I think it's BS that Trump walked away from the Kurds, who helped us obliterate the ISIS Caliphate (To be Clear.. ISIS is NOT gone.. they just have no "Central Spot" anymore.  They are scattered.. but they are still there.. and still hate us.. ).  Trump should have negotiated with Turkey and figured something out.  I don't care that it was only 80 US Troops that got pulled out. I don't care that Turkey considers the Kurds terrorists because they launch stuff across the border.  We should have helped negotiate something...   ..and ...

Joe Biden's Campaign President is attacking the NY Times for printing an editorial about Biden and his son and the Ukraine.  They claim the article is confirming a false story that has been debunked.  The article explicitly says the "Biden's broke no laws. But, That's the problem".  Then it discusses how selling influence is common.  The Biden campaign tried to get the article pulled and get Twitter and Facebook to ban links to the article.  The NY Times said they placed the article in the "Opinion" section and would be glad to talk to any candidate about election coverage. But, they were not taking the article down.  Hmmmm.. If someone ELSE (say, ..I don't know.. maybe an evil orange man) accused the NY Times of printing "False Stories" which might be rephrased as, "Fake News" wouldn't the rest of the Media World freak out?? ..and call it an attack on the Free Press?  I don't see that happening, here.

Down in Mexico, I think we are seeing the reason President Trump is trying to fulfill his campaign promises.  The politicians might not like his pulling those 80 Troops out of Syria..Raj might not have liked it .. but.. he promised to bring troops back when he was campaigning.  Mexican Mayor Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández's had not come through on a few campaign promises. So, a group of disgruntled farmers stormed his office, beat him about the head, chest, neck face and head.. then tied him up ... then tied him to a truck and dragged him through town.  Seems a little more expedient than an "Impeachment Inquiry", doesn't it?  ...and...

California's Power mess continues.  The State won't let power companies raise rates. So, they don't have money to make repairs and upgrades (which led to last years wildfires). Now, BLACKOUTS.  Not just a few neighborhoods.  A million people are without power because the Electric company cannot ensure there won't be fires due to dry conditions. So, they just SHUT POWER OFF ..  The plan to deal with the issue?  There isn't one.  Just shut off power to MORE people.  Maybe one day people will elect governments that work for THEM instead of the parade of egomaniacs that are currently in office.. 

Scientists have located 20 new moons orbiting Saturn.  They are asking for the public's help in naming them. (Cue the disgusted, cynical, High-pitched voice): Isn't that just ADORABLE??  Should we enter a few names?? Can it be a nickname like Biff or Chip? or does it have to be a REAL name like Sally or Jeanne?? (Back to normal, Angry voice): ARE YOU FCCKING KIDDING!!!??  Is this some kind of stupid joke???!!??!   We've got  600,000 Homeless in this Country, many of them Veterans that fought for our Nation..and THIS IS WHAT WE SPEND MONEY ON?  The Hubble Telescope was launched in 1990 and has cost US taxpayers over $10 BILLION DOLLARS.. Thats BILLIONS.. with a B.. and they are JUST NOW finding new moons around Saturn!?!?!??!?   Did our SCIENTISTS even GO to college???  I mean.. I sometimes can't find my Iphone then go to call it and its in my hand.. So, I guess I shouldn't get TOO "judgey"... but.. 30 YEARS to find a few moons with a $10 Billion Dollar Telescope!!!!!???? ..and it wasn't even like 2 moons.. there are FREAKING 20 OF THEM!!!!

SPORTS:  MLB: Well, the suspense was over PRETTY fast in the St Louis/Atlanta Game 5 of 5.  St Louis scored 10, count 'em 10 RUNS in the FIRST INNING.  The Final was 13-2. For all of those worried about the "Racist-ness" of the "Braves Fans Tomahawk Chop" you didn't have much to worry about last night.  Braves go home and St Louis moves on.. ..and if that game was over FAST .. The Dodgers/Nationals Game was NOT.  3 Time Cy Young Award Winner Clayton Kershaw continued his lackluster playoff performance.  He came in the 8th in relief of Walker Buehler and gave up 2 home runs in the to tie the score at 3.  Howie Kendricks was 0-4 for the Nationals until he stepped up with the bases loaded in the 10th Inning and became Howie "The Hero" Kendricks..  You guessed it. GRAND SALAMI to Center!  The Nationals shock the Dodgers and advance to the NLCS. Bryce, Who?? ...and... ...GOLF: The Euros are in ROME this week for the Italian Open.  While most of you were sleeping Tapio Pulkkanen took an early lead... and the PGA Tour is in Houston for the.. well.. for the Houston Open. Play starts this morning... 

CELEBRIDIOTS:  Ronan Farrow is out with a controversial book.  The press conveniently ignored the part in the book where Hilary Clinton and her staff pressured Ronan Farrow to lay off Harvey Weinstein.  The press had a FIELD DAY with the woman (Brooke Nevils) that accused Matt Lauer of raping her in a hotel room at the Sochi Olympics.  (THIS story is sooooo full of garbage its hard to sift through it to get anywhere NEAR the truth. Ill try to as quickly as possible)...  Nevils says she had drinks with Lauer and other NBC people for a few hours. Then she went to his room.  Then she left.  Then she went BACK to his hotel room where she claims Lauer raped her.  She claims he asked is she liked anal and she said no but he proceeded anyway.  She tells Farrow that Lauer asked her when she was leaving if she liked it, and she said, "Yes".  They continued a sexual relationship for several more months. (Just so we all remain clear, this is HER side of the story you are hearing right now).  Brooke claims after she told NBC Brass about the incident it led to Lauer being fired and her life at NBC was "living hell" after that. (Editors note: Lauer got axed for a BUNCH of stuff) .. Nevils went on medical leave in 2018 and accepted a "big check" to leave NBC.  OK .. His side STARTED OUT to be fine.  "I had an extra-marital affair with Brooke Nevils in 2014.  It started when she came to my hotel room in Sochi, Russia. She was an enthusiastic and willing partner. She certainly did not cry at any point, as she claims in the book. She never objected to anything.  We hugged before she left and her only concern was that someone would see her leaving my room" . This is where the WHEELS FALL OFF. He shoulda LEFT IT!!! .. Lauer says they then had an affair and DESCRIBES the sex they had. YUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK !!!! (If you feel like reading it.. Google it yourself).  So ..  Think what you want of this situation..  I only have this to say, "MATT, fire your PR guy and HIRE ME!!!" Your statement should have been: "I have no idea why Brooke is making these claims.  They are false. We had a relationship for several months. She moved on and I wish her nothing but the best."  and THAT is IT !!!! Do NOT Give "THEM" ANY more Ammo. ..and before all the #metoo people start jumping on me: I AM NOT DEFENDING LAUER.  He obviously was sleeping with girls at work while he was married with kids. He is NOT a good guy.  I am just sayin this particular story is WHACK!!!   ...and.. 

Congrats to Kevin Hart !! .. He is mostly healed from that horrible car accident and is BACK to work!! .. .. and.... If you could get out your scorecard..

Singer Rhianna says that President Trump is "the MOST mentally ill human being in America" ...Now, you might not like him.. but MOST Mentally Ill ? as in TOP OF THE LIST?  Gary Busey is on the line and he is Challenging you.   Look Rhianna.  You had better get ready for a beatdown from your "Hollywood Friends".  First, you'll get crap for "making light of mentally ill people" ..THEN you'll get slammed in Hollywood for referring to President Trump as a "Human Being". CALL ME RHIANNA!!! Let me write your press releases!!! ..  and..  For GOD's SAKE Anna Kendrick.. what are you doing walking around looking like this HERE ?? .. It says you were filming a movie..but C'Mon .. WE HAVE BEEN OVER THIS.  I helped you with the RestingBitchFace issue .. HERE ... and I showed you what you SHOULD wear HERE .. (Simple, Black, shows off your awesomeness) ..  If you're not gonna listen to me... just come clean out your closet and give me the key back...JEEZ!!! 

Day (or night) traders are having a field day as headlines grab hold of market sentiment. While U.S. stocks rallied Wednesday on trade optimism, futures fell sharply after the close on reports that high-level trade talks between the U.S. and China - scheduled for today and tomorrow in Washington - might be cut short. A volatile session then ensued, with futures now back at the starting line. Among the rumors: There has been no change to the negotiation schedule, next week's tariff hike could be suspended, concessions may be announced for blacklisted Huawei, a currency pact is underway, a partial trade deal is in the works and Beijing is offering to increase agricultural purchases.

Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY) +22% premarket after hiring Target (NYSE:TGT) Chief Merchandising Officer Mark Tritton to take the helm of the struggling home furnishings retailer. Tritton has been credited with launching Target's private label development, which included more than 30 new brands in just 2.5 years, and helped the group grow comparable sales for eight consecutive quarters. Bed Bath trimmed its full-year profit guidance just a week ago following weak same-store sales for its fiscal second quarter. Go deeper: Daniel Schönberger discusses strategies for Bed Bath.

Earnings from LVMH (OTCPK:LVMHF) seem to have restored faith in luxury sales. The Louis Vuitton owner posted 19% growth in revenue from its fashion and leather goods in Q3 despite unrest in Hong Kong that had caused luxury labels to lose out on business there. A near 5% jump in LVMH in Paris saw shares of rivals Hermes (OTC:EUHMF), Burberry (OTCPK:BBRYF), Hugo Boss (OTCPK:BOSSY), Gucci-owner Kering (OTCPK:PPRUF), Christian Dior (OTCPK:CHDRF) and Moncler (OTCPK:MONRF) climb between 1.1% and 4.6% across Europe overnight. Go deeper: Mark Dockray calls LVMH a high quality investment.

Besides the NBA, many companies are suddenly finding things to be more complicated in China, including Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI). The videogame maker is facing a backlash in the U.S. after banning a Hearthstone league player who was publicly supportive of the Hong Kong protests. It's pretty bad timing. Blizzard had been recently revived with the success of Call of Duty: Mobile following two quarters of slumping revenues and a stock price that is down 28% YTD. Go deeper: Stone Fox Capital comments on ATVI's mobile boost.

Looking to cut its massive debt pile, AT&T (NYSE:T) is selling its wireless and wireline operations in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands to Liberty Latin America (NASDAQ:LILA) for $1.95B. 5G dreams? New reports suggest AT&T will start initial standalone deployments of 5G networks in 2020. Verizon (NYSE:VZ) is planning a standalone core in 2020-2021 and T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) is aiming for a virtualized standalone core next year, while Sprint (NYSE:S) sticks to its non-standalone approach. Go deeper: Quad 7 Capital says AT&T is all about the leverage.

More than 700,000 households in the state were without electricity on Wednesday. The state's largest utility, PG&E (NYSE:PCG), pulled the plug to prevent a repeat of the past two years when windblown power lines sparked deadly wildfires. If things couldn't get worse, the judge overseeing PG&E's bankruptcy case said he will allow for the consideration of alternative restructuring plans, stripping the company of the sole right to propose a Chapter 11 plan covering billions of dollars of damages. PCG -24% premarket. Go deeper: 'Two Big Tests For PG&E Shareholders' by Vlae Kershner.

Boeing (NYSE:BA) is working with airline customers to procure parts, develop repair-and-replace plans and provide technical support to address structural cracks on its 737 NG jetliners. Brazilian airline Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes (NYSE:GOL) was forced to ground 11 737 NG aircraft to replace a specific part following inspections at the direction of the FAA. Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) said earlier it had also removed two of the planes from service. BA -0.5% premarket.

The minutes of the Fed's September meeting released yesterday showed that "several participants" wanted the FOMC's post-meeting statement to give more guidance on when they expected the monetary policy rate adjustments to end. Since the meeting, Fed officials' standard line is "there's no preset course," and incoming data will help determine any further actions. As was already disclosed, there were some policymakers that wanted to keep rates unchanged and a couple that wanted to cut rates by 50 basis points instead of the 25-bp cut that was taken.

What else is happening...

Turkish lira on watch amid Syria incursion.

Fidelity cuts online trading commissions to zero.

Swiss central bank explores crypto for trading.

Alibaba (NYSE:BABAoutlaws e-cig sales to U.S. buyers.

First major airlines group commits to net zero CO2 emissions.

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan +0.5%. Hong Kong +0.1%. China +0.8%. India -0.8%. In Europe, at midday, London -0.1%. Paris +0.4%. Frankfurt +0.1%. Futures at 6:20, Dow flat. S&P flat. Nasdaq flat. Crude -0.6% to $52.28. Gold flat at $1512.90. Bitcoin +3.7% to $8501. Ten-year Treasury Yield unchanged at 1.59%

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