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Read this First 10/16/2019

If you went to bed instead of watching the Democratic Debate .. You are SMARTER than ME!!

There is ONLY ONE thing that is certain after last night's Debate: Unless a new candidate jumps in, President Trump is going to win re-election in a landslide. (You hear that Mike Bloomberg? You hear that Oprah?) ..

The candidates tried to distinguish themselves but all failed. The "Most Searched" candidate was Tulsi Gabbard and she was called on about the same amount of times that I was called on. The moderators tried to join the Biden campaign by throwing the question about "Hunter Biden and the money he got from Ukraine and China" but did not give ANY push-back on the silly denials. Biden: "I didn't speak to my son about the deals" (ABC had JUST AIRED an interview with Hunter Biden saying they discussed them). Biden: "I did nothing wrong and my son did nothing wrong" . Ummm.. we'll get to that below. .. Elizabeth Warren was attacked over how she would pay for "Medicare for All" by just about everyone on the stage. She refused to admit that taxes on the middle class would go up under her plan. Mayor Pete called her out... then called out her response, "You see, she won't even answer a simple, 'Yes or No' question". .. Warren tried to show her "Economic Chops" by blaming, "Job Losses" on "Bad Trade Policy" .. uhh.. well.. here is the thing about making that "argument" : What Job Losses? The Unemployment rate is at/near the lowest in HISTORY. There are "Help Wanted" signs EVERYWHERE. If you do not have a job in America today it's for one of two reasons: A) You need to move. or B) You don't want a Job. .. What do you think Mayor Pete Buttgieg and Andrew Yang are thinking during these debates? Mayor Pete would probably be the best President out of all these people.. and.. Andrew Yang is a self-made millionaire whose parents lived in a hut with a dirt floor. These guys have to be watching this debate saying, "Im LOSING TO THESE PEOPLE??? REALLY??? "

The Mayhem in Northern Syria continues with Turkey slightly expanding the areas they are bombing (attacking or defending, depending on the News Service you read). The reports say the Kurds in the area are working deals with Syrian forces (Assad) and Russia because the US forces have left the area. Some say this is the USA turning their backs on the Kurds and letting the area slip to Russia. Others say the fighting along this border has been going on for 200 years and will never stop, regardless of who backs the Kurds. The Turkish President is defiant and the White House has dropped large sanctions on Turkey for their aggression into Northern Syria. This will certainly cripple he Turkish economy. But, it won't bring back dead Kurds... If you saw some of the fighting and fires from Northern Syria on ABC you might want to check ANOTHER source or two. ABC ran a report on the fighting in Syria one Sunday..and a video of a fire on a shooting range in Kentucky from 2017. When called out, they apologized for the error.. but ran it again, anyways... NICE ...

Back here in the USA, NY Mayor deBlasidiot tried to attend the NY City Columbus Day parade and .. well.. he shoulda done something else on Monday. Just about EVERY "photo-op" or "film short for the Evening News" had things like, "Go Home Big Bird"..and chants of "Worst Mayor Ever. Worst Mayor Ever!!!". OUCH.. I gotta say, we're gonna have to put that to a vote. He is BAD. REALLLLY BAD.. But, Worst EVER? Washington Mayor Marion Barry was caught on video with hookers smoking crack and thrown in Federal Prison for six months. deblasidiot is guilty of being a stupid, lazy, racist egomaniac and other things. But, I don't think he is a crack head ex-con, is he? (For those that don't know, Marion Barry got out of jail and was eventually re-elected Mayor on a platform, "Get Over It". I wish that was a joke.. but it's not..) ... from Mayor of NY to Governor of NY: Governor Cuomo dropped an N-Bomb on live Radio yesterday. YUP! He did.. His "people" are pointing out the "Context" saying he was referring to racism against Italians from Sicily. Uh.. yeah.. Does ANY White person get a "Pass" on the "N-word dropping"?? He is a left wing Democrat in a Democratic Stronghold State.. So, he probably will.. (I think we should all refer to Chris Rock on this subject. Ill just leave it at that)

In Da Swamp: In somewhat of a "Bombshell" announcement, Speaker Pelosi said they will "NOT be holding an Impeachment Vote at this time". She put all the political spin on it.. but .. if they never vote it will certainly be a "Loss" for the Dems... She DID announce they will vote on bill to "Support Hong Kong Protesters". China is furious and announced they would respond with "Strong Countermeasures". This is an attempt by Pelosi to derail the Trump/China Trade talks which Trump claims are "progressing well" which has the markets rallying over the past few days. If people "Vote their Wallets and Pocketbooks" this is a MORE effective attack than the "Impeachment Route".

....and ... Scandal Ridden Rep. Ilan Omar has come out in support of Bernie Sanders. It is being reported that another "Squad Member", Alex O'Cortez, will announce for Sanders today. ( I guess Warren wasn't "Socialist Enough" at the Debate)... and.. VP Biden's son, Hunter, gave an ABC Interview to "Clear his name" and set the record straight. It was painful. He kept saying he did "Nothing Wrong". What he means is he did "Nothing that is technically unlawful" and "Nothing that many before haven't done before" . THOSE statements are accurate. But, C'Mon. Just about EVERYONE thinks it's "Wrong" for powerful people to get their friends and relatives jobs that they are not qualified for.. especially jobs that pay $1 million. The man is an addict with NO experience. The interview was a mistake..

Down in North Carolina, someone broke the #1 Rule of "Fight Club". "No One Talks about Fight Club". Three healthcare workers are under arrest for running a "Fight Club" at an assisted living facility. They encouraged 70 year olds to fight.. and sometimes slapped them around. Just freaking Crazy, right? ... and...

In England, a man called "One of England's worst ever pedophiles" was serving 22 life sentences for 22 counts of pedophilia. He is suspected in over 200 other cases. He was stabbed to death in prison by fellow inmates. Now, I am thinking that MOST of you are saying, "Good. Jail House Justice. The guy got what he deserved and saved the British Taxpayer millions over the next 50 years". .. and you are NOT wrong.. You know what I get from the story? "One of" .. he is "One of the Worst Pedophiles in English History"??? 220 kids and he isn't the CLEAR Number One? What kind of OTHER Freaks do you have in that Country???

SPORTS: Houston beats the NY Yankees 4-1 to take a 2-1 series lead as pitcher Gerrit Cole extends his winning streak to 5 MONTHS. That's right. Cole has NOT LOST in almost 5 MONTHS. How is this possible?? He has a knuckle-curve that he can throw for strikes at 80 mph and a fastball he throws 98 mph. He makes Major League Hitters look like something outta Bugs Bunny. You are NOT hitting him unless the ball slips out of his hand. Astros/Yanks Game 4 tonight in the Bronx (Maybe.. weather looking bad. Might get pushed to Thursday).. . .. and... The Washington Nationals score SEVEN runs in the first and hang on to beat St Louis 7-4 and take the series. The World Series is heading to Washington for the first time since 1933 !!! .. and... NBA: LeBron James called Houston GM Daryl Morey, "Uneducated" for making comments about Hong Kong and causing a giant China/NBA issue. Now, the dumazz media is ALL OVER LeBron saying he is "Siding With China" and "Siding Against Freedom of Speech". Those people are STUPID. What James meant was that Morey should have understood the fallout from making ANY comments on the situation and just SHUT UP. James meant the NBA and MANY players have A LOT to lose by making "Hong Kong Protesters Rights" an issue AT ALL !!! James meant Morey, "Should have been smarter" and been QUIET!! .. ..and.. for you Baseball Fans out there.. (Especially, you METS fans) Today, October 16, 1969 the MIRACLE happened. The Orioles came in at 109-53. The Mets were one game out of LAST PLACE the year before in 1968. The Miracle Mets STUN the Baltimore Orioles and the Baseball world winning the World Series!!!

CELEBRIDIOTS: Actress Felicity Huffman reported to jail for her "15 Days" in the "College Admissions Scandal". She'll probably only do a day or two then get an "Ankle Bracelet" and be confined to home for a month. Gotta say, she is handling this the "Right Way". No excuses. She admitted she broke the law and is accepting the consequences. Its gonna be interesting when Lori Loughlin stands trial ...

.. and Actress Gina Rodriguez (the one from the TV Show "Jane the Virgin" not the porn star) needs to STOP APOLOGIZING. The Latina from Chicago (her Dad was a Puerto Rican Boxing Referee) is under fire for (I know, it's TWICE IN ONE RANT) saying the "N" word on a live Instagram feed. Gina was singing along to The Fugues, "Ready or Not" (for your education purposes ONLY. .. there are lyrics in the song . "... I can do what you do, easy, believe me, Fronting niggas give me hee-bee-gee-bees, So while you're imitating Al Capone, I'll be Nina Simone, And defecating on your microphone..." .. Social Media "Called her out" for saying the "N" word. She has apologized.. but I don't think she should. She was just "singing song lyrics" and THAT is on CHRIS ROCK'S LIST !!!!

.. and in the "Oh, Really?? We NEVER would have guessed that" column, Singer Shakira says the SuperBowl Halftime show will, "Celebrate Latin Culture". Uh.. Wow.. you really think we needed to be told that? It's in MIAMI .. and the Halftime show is Jennifer Lopez HERE and Shakira HERE .. We kinda GOT that picture. But, Shakira .. if you want to stop by and give me more details, I AM READY !!!

Brexit negotiations continue today after yesterday’s talks failed to finalize some important issues, according to The Wall Street Journal. A key summit of EU leaders starts tomorrow, where a deal is still possible. There’s about two weeks left before the U.K.’s scheduled departure.

Boeing's (NYSE:BA) plans for putting its 777-8 craft into service for the world's longest-ever commercial flights depend somewhat on customer demand, a company exec says. Boeing hopes to win an order from Qantas for use on the Sydney-London route, over the competing A350-1000 from Airbus (OTCPK:EADSY); Qantas would hope to have delivery in late 2022, but an engine delay in Boeing's 777-9 may have pushed the 777-8 beyond an earlier plan for 2022 service.

WeWork (WE) will continue to open its planned locations for 2020, but will halt its expansion plans for 2021, according to Nikkei. WeWork has opened offices in 125 buildings in 12 cities in the region since entering China in 2017. The key growth market accounts for 15% of total WeWork locations and is the third-largest geography in revenue. WeWork is cutting back as it works to extinguish its cash burn after the failed IPO. Go deeper: SoftBank hires bankers for WeWork cash issue.

Apollo Global Management (NYSE:APO) has reportedly approached Tech Data (NASDAQ:TECD) with a $130/share cash buyout offer, which amounts to about $5B. Tech Data’s shares are currently near all-time highs on optimism that demand from small and medium-sized businesses will remain strong despite macro concerns. Go deeper: See Tech Data’s average ratings.

United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL) topped Q3 earnings expectations and raised its FY19 EPS forecast to $11.25-12.25, in-line with consensus estimates. The company says this quarter’s performance puts United “ahead of pace” to meet its $11-13 EPS goal by the end of 2020. Go deeper: Earnings press release.

Eaton (NYSE:ETN) has agreed to sell its Lighting business to Signify (OTCPK:PHPPY) for $1.4B after a comprehensive review of various transaction alternatives. The Lighting unit amassed sales of $1.7B in 2018, about 8% of the company’s overall revenue. The acquisition is the largest by Signify, the former Philips Lighting, which was spun off from Philips in 2016.

An appeals court in Missouri has overturned a $110M verdict against Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) in a case over whether the company's talc caused ovarian cancer. That overturned a 2017 decision favoring a Virginia woman who used the talc for feminine hygiene for decades. The appeals court cited a state supreme court ruling limiting out-of-state plaintiffs' ability to sue. But J&J still faces several other lawsuits in St. Louis.

What else is happening...

Charter (NASDAQ:CHTR) prices $2B in debt.

Buffett (BRK.A,BRK.B) asks for Fed OK, to boost Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) stake above 10%.

Pratt (NYSE:UTX) urges engine checks after Swiss A220 flight diverted.

Aramco (ARMCO) to pay up to $450M in fees to IPO advisors - Bloomberg.

Tuesday's Key Earnings

United Airlines (UAL) +1.4% AH on earnings beat, raising full year guidance. Interactive Brokers (NASDAQ:IBKR) -0.8% AH on in-line earnings, higher currency diversification loss. J.B. Hunt Transport Services (NASDAQ:JBHT) +0.5% AH on missing Q3 earnings, flat volumes. América Móvil (NYSE:AMX) remains flat post earnings. Sleep Number (NASDAQ:SNBR) +5.9% AH on earnings beat, double-digit comp sales growth.

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan +1.20%. Hong Kong +0.61%. China -0.41%. India +0.02%. In Europe, at midday, London -0.20%. Paris -0.27%. Frankfurt -0.01%. Futures at 5:30, Dow -0.32%. S&P -0.33%. Nasdaq -0.29%. Crude -0.47% to $52.61. Gold +0.24% to $1,487. Bitcoin -2% to $8,136. Ten-year Treasury Yield -4.5 bps to 1.724%.

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