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Read this First 6/10/2020

Protest by Mail ??? .. How are the Democratic Politicians that were out Marching with the protesters going to continue to argue we need "Vote by Mail" because it's "unsafe" to go to the polls to vote for 30 seconds in a booth by YOURSELF? They've already shown their hands as hypocrites over the "You are ordered to stay home.. but I'm gonna march.." crap.. How are they gonna explain "We Need to Vote by Mail to save the masses??" (Yes, I know they'll refuse to answer and the "reporters" won't keep asking)... and..

So my Liberal readers don't email me complaining I started off picking on them.. The evil orange man has been leaving "Twitter Droppings" ( You like that one? Twitter Droppings? I invented that last night as a term for when you "Crap on someone" using Twitter. Like a bird pooping on someone.. Twitter Droppings.. hhahahah.. ).. Anyhow .. Twitter droppings on Joe Biden saying Joe is in favor of Defunding the Police. This is not true. Joe said, "I support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorableness. And, in fact, are able to demonstrate they can protect the community and everybody in the community" So, no less funding.. just accountability. Which I have no problem with.. and I'll bet most Police officers don't either... also.. The orange man claimed the old man pushed to the ground at the Buffalo protest, "probably exaggerated" .. Ummm.. dude.. he had blood coming out of his ears ..

Georgia went to the polls.. there were issues in two counties that led to long lines and reports of waits up to 5 hours. Election officials in those two counties are being blamed for the long lines . and .. of course.. Republicans are saying those heavily Democratic counties did it on purpose to push for "Vote by mail" and Democrats are arguing, "see, this is why we need vote by mail" .. Voters did turn out in higher than normal numbers. One woman said she felt obligated to "exercise their right to vote with all that's going on..." .. That is likely the ACTUAL problem with the long lines.. Which is a GOOD thing.. Everyone should vote !!! (Every AMERICAN CITIZEN should vote an only ONCE!!!) ..

WHAT ABOUT ME !!! WHAT ABOUT ME????? .. I pointed out yesterday the massive shooting and crime in NY and Chicago .. and .. well.. LA felt left out .. so .. Fine .. In LA last week Homicides were up 250% and victims shot were up 56%. .. OK, LA? You feel, "included" now? Fine .. now go find a place for those 60,000 homeless people .. ..and before I hear it from St Louis, too. St Louis had 21 shot and six killed this weekend. Anyone else?..

Coronavirus Update: More and More States open .. COVID cases still out there .. still seeing a steady rise .. but.. do not seem to be overwhelming hospitals..(Unless CBS wants to show us the footage from Italy a FOURTH time and claim its the USA) .. and...

As they learn more about the virus, two interesting things are becoming evident. They do not know why, but people with Blood Type O are 20% less likely than others to get COVID-19 and people with Blood Type A are MORE likely to get the virus.. Also, there seems to be some link between COVID-19 and getting blood clots. (Wonder if that led to the stroke Kurt Thomas died of last week at 64)....and...

The Big Apple Toilet .. its not just homeless people using the streets as a bathroom, anymore. With public bathrooms, restaurants, coffee shops and bars not allowing people in, city residents are just using the streets and parks to poop and pee .. YUK !!! .. . In a NY Post story they interviewed NYC residents that were seen out in parks and they admitted that, yes they pee behind trees or dumpsters because, "there is nowhere else to go". One said she was, "walking with her co-worker and a man just pulled it out and peed in the street" .. NICE!! THAT will get the tourists back !!!

For any of you out there that want to "Blame Russia" or "Blame China" for computer hacking I want to ask a question: If some crew of 5 computer geniuses with pink hair and nose rings sitting in a cafe somewhere in Moscow have a "hacking contest" and post stuff on Twitter or Facebook accounts of other people, does that mean, "The Russians Did it"?. If those same 5 are sitting in Brooklyn did, "The Americans" do it? I am not arguing that there isn't State Sponsored spying. I am SURE there is.. and yes, the USA got caught doing it .. (one case they were caught spying on Angela Merkel and Germany. THAT must have been a tough call for Obama... "splainin that .. No, it wasn't JUST under Obama.. we spied for decades). ... What is this all about?...

BellTrox Infotech Services located in New Delhi was a "for hire snoop shop" or "Cyber Mercenaries". They hacked European Politicians, US Investors, Accounts in the Bahamas and Central America..LOTS of stuff.. . The leader is a fugitive from US Justice (for cybercrime. of course) since 2017 named, Sumi Gupta. He was ratted out by two private investigation firms that were under investigation. So, do we "Blame India" when posts that look like they are coming from El Salvador spread false information on Facebook?..

There is no need to be a conspiracy theorist. This stuff DOES happen.. EVERY day...and Ill bet actual "Governments" are behind less than 10% of it .. So, protect your data.. and trust NO ONE.. (well.. except me of course... )

SPORTS: Here Comes GOLF!! Practice rounds today at Colonial .. No fans for a while but it will be GREAT to see live sports !!! GREAT Field..

Track and Field has been around since Ancient Greece. Well is isn't any more at Brown University .. They have dropped their men's track and field team from their Varsity program and added "Women's Sailing". Yes, that happened... and..

NCAA: The NCAA outlined "what they would allow" at Football practices come August. I guess that means they are planning on having a college football season.. which is nice.. But, what are they gonna do about the crowds. The top 10 NCAA

Look at all this LEG ROOM !!! NASCAR has announced they will have 5,000 fans at Talladega for the June 21 day of racing. That's out of a capacity of 78,000. Only 5,000 out of 78,000? That is A LOT of extra room for all your activities. No word if Ricky Bobby or Jean Girard or Cal Naughton, Jr. will be among the 5,000 ...

Remember the Bo Jackson commercial "Bo Knows" where Bo Jackson dominates in all sports (except hockey) .. Well.. I think we found one the left out .. Fishing.. and it's not Bo.. its Michael Jordan.

MIKE KNOWS FISHING !!!! .. Jordan boated a 442 pound Blue Marlin in a $3 Million fishing tournament. It puts them in third place but they have two more days left to catch the leader which is currently 494 pounds.

(yes.. yes.. Im writing sports stories about stadiums sizes and retired basketball players in fishing tournaments.. that's what my life has become during the sports lockdown.. )

CELEBRIDIOTS: THE new album will be dropping July 6th. The Dalai Lama himself will turn 85 years old and drop his new album of mantras set to music called, "Inner World". Big hitter the Lama .. Long..

Really? They are really doing that? . HBO has "temporarily" dropped, "Gone with the Wind" from its library because it's "racist". Is that the answer? Erase history? Should we strip the 8 Academy Awards? Including taking back the first award, ever, for a black actress, Hattie McDaniel. If you want to make a "Statement" instead of erasing history, why not add a statement from Obama to the opening credits?? ...and...

The 30-Year run of the TV Show, "Cops" has been ended .. not much else to say about that ...

Victoria !!! VICTORIA!!!! You CAN'T have the Instagram "Victoriaasecretss" and wear La Perla lingerie !!!! ..HERE .. TAKE IT OFF!! How many times do I have to tell you !???!!! .. Oh, and thanks for cleaning up the kitchen.. that was a MESS after Taco Tuesday dinner ..


No major policy decisions are expected from the Fed today, but any hint of taking the foot off the pedal could hammer risk sentiment, while more dovishness could have the opposite effect. Keep a lookout for comments on yield curve control, forward guidance and how long the Fed will keep current policies in place after investors stopped pricing in the possibility of negative rates following last week's blowout jobs report. Chairman Jerome Powell skipped the last quarterly forecast in March - as the pandemic forced a shutdown of the economy - so today's projections will likely suggest whether the central bank believes the worst part of the coronavirus crisis has passed.

Futures were mixed overnight ahead of the Fed's first economic projections of 2020 - due out at 2 p.m. ET. Nasdaq futures climbed 0.3%, while the Dow and S&P fell as much as 0.4%, reflecting a similar trade on Tuesday that saw a shift back into Big Tech. Other concerns abound as Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the pandemic has further to run, while the rate of new COVID-19 infections goes under the microscope as counties lift additional stay-at-home restrictions.

In its latest report on the global outlook, the OECD said it expects the world economy to contract by 6% this year if a second wave of infections and containment measures can be avoided. "Economic impacts are dire everywhere. The recovery will be slow and the crisis will have long-lasting effects, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable people." In the U.S., the OECD sees GDP contracting 7.3% in 2020 and at an 8.5% rate if a second outbreak occurs.

Soft inflation figures put Chinese shares under pressure overnight, marking the latest data to show the reach of the coronavirus pandemic. Industrial prices fell deeper into deflation in May, declining 3.7% Y/Y, while consumer inflation eased due to softening food prices, slowing to 2.4%. "Concerns on unemployment and salary cuts may keep consumers from spending. Small companies and export-oriented companies may continue to see headwinds," said Bruce Pang of China Renaissance Securities.

ECB President Christine Lagarde has consulted banks and EU officials about a "bad bank" scheme in recent weeks as the COVID-19 outbreak squeezes borrowers and hinders new lending. One blueprint would involve the European Stability Mechanism as a guarantor for the bad bank, which would issue bonds that commercial banks would buy - in exchange for portfolios of unpaid loans - and use as collateral for ECB funding. The project would also require the blessing of Germany, which has long opposed shared responsibility for eurozone debts, though it did recently agree to pool EU borrowing for a coronavirus recovery fund.

Entertainment companies are reassessing the content they offer in the wake of George Floyd's death amid nationwide protests for racial justice and against police brutality. Gone with the Wind has been pulled from HBO Max (NYSE:T), though the streamer plans to return the movie to the platform "with a discussion of its historical context and a denouncement of ethnic and racial prejudices." Long-running TV show Cops has been canceled outright by the Paramount Network (NASDAQ:VIAC), while Live PD has been pulled from the schedule of the A&E Network (NYSE:DIS).

"The events of the past two weeks have caused all of us to reflect on what we can do to confront the cultural and systemic forces that sustain racism," Adidas (OTCQX:ADDYY) CEO Kasper Rorsted said in a statement. A minimum of 30% of all new positions in the U.S. at Adidas and Reebok will now be designated for blacks and Latinos, while the company will finance 50 university scholarships for black students each year over five years. It's also investing $20M in black communities after some U.S. employees complained Adidas was profiting off black culture without doing enough to help them.

The fitness industry is watching as CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman stepped down from the company he co-founded and was replaced by Dave Castro, the director of the CrossFit Games. "I created a rift in the CrossFit community and unintentionally hurt many of its members," Glassman declared, following a series of tweets about the BLM protests and the death of George Floyd that many criticized as racist, offensive and tone-deaf. CrossFit is the world's largest fitness chain with more than 15,000 locations.

"Both Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and Square (NYSE:SQ) are making #Juneteenth (June 19th) a company holiday in the US, forevermore. A day for celebration, education, and connection," reads a tweet from CEO Jack Dorsey. The holiday commemorates the end of slavery in America. On that day in 1865, Union General Gordon Granger read the Emancipation Proclamation to the public in Galveston, Texas, two and a half years after it was issued by Abraham Lincoln.

What else is happening...

First phase of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) HQ return begins June 15.

Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) guns for the Ford (NYSE:F) F-150 crown.

Efforts have stalled on transatlantic trade, says EU trade chief.

Top 20 shareholder calls out HSBC, Standard Chartered (OTCPK:SCBFF).

Tensions are running high at Volkswagen (OTCPK:VWAGY).

Gundlach sees stocks falling and gold rising.

Tuesday's Key Earnings

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) +4.8% AH adding details to reopening plans. Chewy (NYSE:CHWY) -2.2% AH despite strong sales growth. GameStop (NYSE:GME) -6.9% AH as global comparable sales fell 17%. Tiffany (NYSE:TIF) +2% noting compliance with its leverage ratio.

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan +0.2%. Hong Kong flat. China -0.4%. India +0.9%. In Europe, at midday, London -0.3%. Paris -0.4%. Frankfurt -0.6%. Futures at 6:20, Dow -0.4%. S&P -0.2%. Nasdaq +0.3%. Crude -2.8% to $37.86. Gold +0.2% to $1725.30. Ten-year Treasury Yield -3 bps to 0.8%

Today's Economic Calendar


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