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Read this First 6/20/2019

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Iran shot down a US Drone and warned it's, "Ready for War".  The US is claiming the drone was over international waters and flying a routine mission.  Iran claims they shot it down over Iranian Airspace.  Isn't this something we pay NATO for?  Isn't there a "referee" that can say, "Here is the flight data and satellite footage.. and it was exactly HERE that is was shot down"??  No one wants a war with Iran..(Except maybe people that own Oil Futures) ...and... ..OOPS she did it AGAIN .. NY NITWIT Alexandria O' Cortez has angered the Jewish Community (and many other Americans and Historians) by calling the illegal immigrant detention centers, "Concentration Camps".  Geez.. what is with her.  She is either doing this on purpose or she is painfully stupid.  Holding people while processing their immigration claims vs. holding people awaiting mass murder and race extinction.  That's the SAME to you???  She says she is "Speaking Her Conscience".  WOW.  Is that supposed to give you permission to say inaccurate, hurtful, insulting things? ..What's hard to believe is that the people that paid to get her elected aren't muzzling her.  She represents a District with a strong Jewish population.  How could ANY of them vote for this woman? .. Speaking of the immigration issue, the Feds are dropping off busloads of immigrants that cannot fit in their facilities at the border in the town of Dunning, New Mexico.  It's a poor town that has no way to handle the massive influx of people. Fireman and city officials are calling it "an unfunded Federal Mandate" to have to tackle this problem (HINT:  Maybe you guys should VOTE OUT your Congressmen that refuse to deal with the Border issue.) One official said, "I have my personal views. But, when you see a woman and her child having seizures because of the 103 degree heat.. well .. I just have to stop what I am doing and help".  (Before anyone gets the wrong idea. OF COURSE you help them. You don't just let them suffer.  The goal is to figure out how to get them not come in the first place).  Here is an idea, PROPAGANDA!!.  The NEWS is OUT in Central America.  Come to the USA. You are 90% likely to be admitted and have a much better life for your family.  Then you skip your asylum hearing and live in America.  That attitude has to change THERE.. THERE in Guatemala, and El Salvador.  So, take videos and pictures of the people having seizures.. of the people with diseases..and PLASTER them ALL OVER the NEWS and Billboards, and the INTERNET in Central America with the tag line: "This is what REALLY HAPPENS when you go to America to seek asylum". If the Governments down there run the ads all day for months, then they get their Funding from the USA back. Is it TRUE that if you come here you'll be sick, have seizures, and spend a long time in detention. NOPE. Are the Ad's "B.S. Propaganda"? YUP?? Will it work?  YUP!!! .. It works here for the Loser Media.  They run those stories. and..Just look how many people freak out about the "Inhumanity" and Blame Trump? EFFECTIVE!!  People BELIEVE it because they SAW it on the NEWS.  Never mind that 95% of them have better living conditions then they ever had before and will be released into the US within a few weeks!!! .. A former Aide to Democratic Congressmen Rep Shelia Jackson and Sen. Maggie Hassan will be sentenced today for his role in smearing Justice Kavanaugh and others during his confirmation hearings. Among other things, Jackson Cosko stole private information about Kavanaugh and Senators that supported Kavanaugh and distributed it to news agencies. Prosecutors are asking for a strong sentence to "Send a message that stealing Classified and Private information and using it for Political purposes will get you a LONG jail sentence".  The Prosecutors claim this is becoming too common.  Well, that is the way it is SUPPOSED to work.  People thinking about do the crime see that someone else got 50 years in Federal Prison and they say, "Ohh.. Maybe I better not".  That's called a Deterrent.  Here is the issue.  The LOSER Media is so biased they won't make publish it. They don't WANT people to stop attacking Conservatives.  Seriously, have you seen this story anywhere but here?  Try.. Go look at CNN or ABC or CBS .. NOTHIN. (Although Ill bet after they read the RANT you'll find it on Page 12 of their websites) ..  The Federal Reserve Bank decided to leave interest rates where they were despite statements by President Trump that they were screwing up.  Chairman Powell commented that he has a job to do..that it's a four year term and he plans to remain there.. and that the Fed is free from political pressure and acts independently. A) I agree with Trump the Fed should not have raised rates at the end of the year. B) I agree with Powell now that they can wait a little while to see how things develop before acting again...and C) Hey Donald, Leave Powell Alone!  He is a smart guy, he was a good choice, and he is trying... and I am sorry to report that the Hype of the the "CAT-FOX"breed that lives in Corsica is NOT actually a cat and a fox.  Researchers say those two animals physically cannot breed and that the animal is a cross of two large breeds of cat, one that has a puffy tail like a fox.  DARN!!! Those darn Scientists RUIN ALL THE FUN!!! HERE  ..  SPORTS:  Raj will be holding a noon press conference today to REMOVE his FOOT from his MOUTH.  Raj said that any trade talks for Max Scherzerwere ruined when he was goofing around on Tuesday and fouled a ball off into his face.. breaking his nose.. Well, Scherzer PITCHED last night.  Broken Nose, Giant Black Eye .. and went 7 innings.  4 hits No Runs Allowed.  Max is tough and Raj has his foot in his mouth .. For you golf fans out there: Today in 1999 is when Payne Stewart drained that putt on 18 at Pinehurst to win the US Open.  The shot was made famous by Stewarts famous, "Air Punch".  Stewart died shortly thereafter in a plane crash.  Pinehurst erected a statue of him in that pose behind the 18th Green..and for those of you that don't know Amazing Amy the Golfer.. you should.. Amy has Downs Syndrome and was introduced to Gary Woodland at the Phoenix Open.  She hit the ball in the bunker and Woodland was going to hit it out for her.  She said, "I got this" .. Then hit it on the green and said, "I got this" ..and drained the putt for PAR.  The crowd roared.  Woodland LOVED it..  Well, Woodland had held a 54 hole lead 7 times and was NEVER able to deliver.  Amy texted Woodland the night before the final round of the US Open and told him, "YOU GOT THIS".  When Woodland won he was interviewed and said, "I just kept saying, 'You got this'.  When I hit it in trouble I was able to stay calm and recover.  I just kept saying, 'I got this' ".... You see?  Not ALL stories are about stupid and awful people.  You can see it HERE . Read more HERE .. and see how Woodland surprised Amy on the Today show HERE ..... CELEBRIDIOTS:  In ANOTHER Great story:  For those that have been living under a rock, Jeopardy Host Alex Trebec was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a while back. (The prognosis for pancreatic cancer is bleak. The one year survival rate is under 10%).  Trebec thanked the superstar Champion James Holzhauer during his epic run for the "Get well" card he got from Holzhauer's daughter, Natasha.  Well, Holzhauer just donated a slug of his winnings to Pancreatic cancer research in the name of Alex Trebec.  Again, You see?  There ARE good people in the world. (Including Rich people) .. . and.. can I address all the whack-o news going around Washington about how President Trump and Senators have been briefed about "UFOs".  Look, UFO doesn't mean SPACE ALIENS. It means someone saw something that wasn't "Identified".  Drones, weather balloons, ..or it could be Greg Brady with a flashlight behind the bush.  It's NOT a big deal.  I can't figure out why its all over the news for the past week. .. and.. last year Kendall Jenner was granted a 5 year restraining order against a stalker. (No, its not me.. Pay attention.. I was the one that got the order against KENDALL.  She kept claiming she "left something by the pool" and wouldn't leave me alone. Look Kendall, the Floaty was MINE in the first place.  HERE .. and as for the bikini?  Well, Finders Keepers.  Now, Stay Away for another six months!!!) .. anyways... her stalker has "Disappeared".  Which is a little scary. I make jokes but crazy stalkers can be dangerous...His family doesn't know where he is and Kendall needs to hire additional security.  My house is like FORT KNOX.  Ill bet you wish you didn't try to steal my Unicorn, NOW KENDALL!! EH??? 


The latest high-profile company to go public in 2019 is Slack Technologies (WORK), which will begin trading this morning on the NYSE through a direct listing. The method allows a firm to simply float its existing stock onto a public exchange without raising money, using underwriters or utilizing a stabilizing agent. Valued at about $15.7B, the NYSE has set a reference price for Slack at $26/share, which will be used by market makers to build an order book to open trading. More firms (like Airbnb) may follow suit if the direct scheme is successful, with the workplace-messaging app being only the second big tech company after Spotify (NYSE:SPOT) to bypass the traditional IPO process.

As the Fed spreads its dovish wings, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury dropped below 2% overnight for the first time since November 2016. The FOMC left interest rates unchanged at its monetary policy meeting on Wednesday, dropped the word "patient" from its statement and said it would "act as appropriate" to sustain the economy. The news is also boosting U.S. stock futures premarket, with the DJIA indicating gains of 228 points at the open and the Fed Funds Futures pointing to a 100% chance of monetary policy easing in July.

Reacting to the downing of a U.S. drone over the Strait of Hormuz, oil prices spiked overnight, with WTI crude soaring 3% to over $55/bbl. The U.S. maintains the RQ-4 Global Hawk (NYSE:NOC) was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile in international airspace, though Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it was operating over its jurisdiction. It's the latest in a series of apparent Iranian-backed skirmishes in the Middle East that have stoked fears of a wider military conflict.

Just a week after dodging new U.S. tariffs on its exports, Mexico ratified the USMCA trade deal designed to succeed NAFTA, even though the U.S. and Canada have yet to do the same. The new deal is particularly important to the auto industry, since it lifts the proportion of components that have to be made in the region for a vehicle to qualify for duty-free access to 75% from 62.5%. Some inputs must also be made in areas where the average wage is a relatively high $16 an hour.

While he's not planning to do so right now, President Trump told confidants as recently as Wednesday that he believes he has the authority to replace Jerome Powell by demoting him to a board governor role, Bloomberg reports. The Fed Chair has a difference of opinion. "The law is clear that I have a four-year term, and I fully intend to serve it," he declared yesterday. Trump has repeatedly accused Powell of not doing enough to bolster the economy, calling for lower interest rates as he seeks to offset the unfair trade practices and currency manipulation of China and Europe.

Following bombshell remarks on restarting the ECB's bond-buying scheme, European leaders are gathering in Brussels today - for the second round of talks - on who should lead the European Commission after Oct. 31, when the current term expires. Almost all of the final contenders are members of the ECB's Governing Council and are likely to follow the largely dovish strategies of Mario Draghi, except for perhaps Jens Weidmann, current governor of the Bundesbank.

Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is making a plea to revamp EU budget rules and economic governance in a bid to avoid disciplinary action over his country's huge debt. Complicating things further, Italy’s economy probably shrank again this quarter, according to the country’s statistics office. A contraction in the three months through June would be the third in a year, highlighting the perilous state of the eurozone's third-largest economy.

Airbus (OTCPK:EADSY) sealed deals with big buyers for its latest passenger jet - the A321XLR - at the expo on Wednesday, battling back a day after a surprise 200-plane order by IAG (OTCPK:ICAGY) for rival Boeing's (NYSE:BA) grounded 737 MAX jet. It's hard to know the exact tally at this point, but the contract value each planemaker has scored is likely around $35B. Other happenings... Mitsubishi Aircraft (OTCPK:MHVYF) said it was in discussions with an unnamed U.S. airline over the sale of its SpaceJet M100 aircraft, while Israeli startup Eviation launched its 9 passenger all-electric plane.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Ring may soon have a buddy in the sky. Called "surveillance as a service," the company wants to use its network of delivery drones to keep watch over customers' houses by forming a flying Neighborhood Watch scheme, according to a new patented system. Customers could request that Amazon's drones visit their property hourly, daily, or weekly, while the drones would look for signs of break-ins, such as smashed windows, doors left open, and intruders lurking on people's property.

Up until now, Waymo (GOOGGOOGL), a subsidiary of Google's parent company Alphabet, has been testing a small fleet of its own self-driving cars - Chrysler Pacifica (NYSE:FCAU) minivans - just outside of Phoenix. The company is now branching out as a technology and services provider in the industry. In a new deal signed with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance (OTCPK:RNLSYOTCPK:NSANYOTC:MMTOY), Waymo and the automakers will study market opportunities related to autonomous transportation systems in France and Japan, hoping to develop profitable driverless services for passengers and deliveries.

What else is happening...

See more on Oracle's (NYSE:ORCL) strong earnings from the call transcript.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) discussed Libra crypto launch with the Fed.

Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DBfaces U.S. probe into money laundering lapses - NYT.

FTC blesses UnitedHealth's (NYSE:UNH) $4.3B purchase of DaVita (NYSE:DVA).

GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) offers EU concessions to address Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) deal.

Brake performance has Canada open probe into 250K GM (NYSE:GM) pickups, SUVs.

As Dish Network (NASDAQ:DISH) talks may stall, T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUSprepares for Boost auction.

Wednesday's Key Earnings

American Outdoor (NASDAQ:AOBC) +8.3% AH as revenues beat high estimates. Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS) -0.6% amid slipping comparable sales. Oracle (ORCL) +4.5% AH helped by cloud growth.

Today's Markets 

In Asia, Japan +0.6%. Hong Kong +1.2%. China +2.4%. India +1.3%.  In Europe, at midday, London +0.3%. Paris +0.6%. Frankfurt +0.9%.  Futures at 6:20, Dow +0.9%. S&P +0.9%. Nasdaq +1.2%. Crude +2.9% to $55.52. Gold +2.8% to $1386.60. Bitcoin +1.3% to $9219.  Ten-year Treasury Yield -3 bps to 1.99%

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