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Read this First 7/12/2023


Sorry, forgot to remind you that yesterday was Amazon Prime Day .. (as if you didn't get a million emails from them reminding you.. ) .. But.. FEAR NOT!!!

Prime day is now PRIME TWO DAYS...Or TWO PRIME.. or TWO DAYS PRIME...anyway.. you get the idea.. . So..

Welcome to Amazon Prime Day 2 !!!!!

Note to the DeFund the Police people: Turns out.. the "answer" is the exact opposite!!! ..

El Salvador had the highest murder rate in the world... Rampant crime .. and young families were a huge part of the illegal immigration problem at our border because they wanted to escape the violence to protect their children. ... So.. What happened? ..

The President built a HUGE PRISON. Then started arresting, en masse, members of the 18th Street Gang and the MS-13 Gang. He is up to 68,000 in this prison which is roughly 1% of the country .. and guess what?

Compared to 2015 .. homicides are down 92% (Ninety Two.. That is NOT a typo) .. The number of Salvadorians crossing the border into the US illegally? That's down 44%.

Some Human Rights groups are complaining that certain poor citizens that were not in gangs have been falsely caught up in the crackdown. President Bukele responds to that by saying, “Yes, they’ll have human rights. But the human rights of honest people are more important.” .. 93% of the country now supports President Bukele.

“I would vote for Bukele 10 more times,” said Edwin Ávalos, who recently opened a Mexican restaurant near a notorious San Salvador slum. “Two years ago, I wouldn’t have opened a business here. This was a red zone,” said Ávalos, recounting how he used to fork over $6,000 a year in extortion payments to gangs.. and..

Hey Runners.. Triathletes .. YOU types ... You know the apps on your watch where you "share" your runs and rides with your running group .. and friends ..and family?? .. Yeah .. those are cool right? ..

Stanislav Rzhitsky, 42, was shot four times in the back and chest with a Makarov pistol around 6 a.m. Monday in a park in the southern city of Krasnodar. Rzhitsky was a Russian naval captain who had commanded a submarine. He was a "high value target" to the Ukrainians ... Well..

Somehow they got his "watch data" .. (hacked a friend.. hacked a website..not sure ) .. and they tracked him down in the pouring rain (no witnesses) and assassinated him in a park while on his morning run...Hmmm ... Maybe don't share your location when there is a war going on ..

AIRBnB shock? .. Airbnb bookings in San Francisco and Austin are way down.. (Does that shock ANYONE?) .. Apparently, many owners that bought places to rent out to "work from home" people are in a panic. They are not getting renters and they have mortgages to pay .. That might loosen up the housing market .. but.. is anyone buying real estate in San Francisco? .. and..

There's GOLD in den thar hills! ..A man in Kentucky hit the jackpot after he discovered over 700 coins from the Civil War era on his rural farm.

The findings have been nicknamed the “Great Kentucky Hoard” and include a group of 1863 Double Eagles and hundreds of US gold dollars dated from 1850 to 1862, as well as a few silver coins, per Numismatic Guaranty Company, which certified the pieces. .. Just ONE of the $1 gold coins can command six figures at auction..

“The importance of this discovery cannot be overstated, as the stunning number of over 700 gold dollars represents a virtual time capsule of Civil War-era coinage, including coins from the elusive Dahlonega Mint. Finding one mint condition 1863 Double Eagle would be an important numismatic event,” said the rep from Numismatic .. “Finding nearly a roll of superb examples is hard to comprehend.” ...

OH. .. And go get a Powerball ticket.. $725 Million (well.. that's the HEADLINE number .. if you ever want a quick "what do I really get" .. multiply it by .33 .. That is the cash value after taxes... roughly... ) ..and. .. Mega Millions is $560 Million .. (About $185 million cash after taxes) ..

So get a ticket or two .. and put some Loot in your Suit ..

In Da Swamp:

NATO SUMMIT: President Biden raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he skipped the NATO leadership summit’s opening dinner in Lithuania’s capital. Asked why the president gave the meal a miss, a US official said that Biden “has four full days of official business and is preparing for a big speech tomorrow in addition to another day at the summit.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken took Biden’s place at the dinner.

My sources overheard Biden asking what kind of ice cream they were having. When he was told dessert was Lithuanian Šakotis Tree Cake he stormed off and went to bed ... and

Ukraine President Zelenskyy continues to press NATO for membership. ..and..

STRIKE THAT.. REVERSE IT!!!! .. DC City Council Chair Phil Mendelson six months ago.. "I know this belies the common belief – and when it comes to crime, how people feel is important – but there is not a crime crisis in Washington, D.C.... ..

The D.C. Council on Tuesday passed an emergency crime bill aimed at giving judges more leeway as the city grapples with a sharp rise in violent crimes.

Ahead of the vote, Council of the District of Columbia Chair Phil Mendelson said, "You can get away with murder in this city." .. Well, they DO say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.. so.. I guess this is good ..

The flooding in Vermont is not getting the press attention of other disasters .. but.. it's pretty bad .. HERE is Montpelier .. .. and if you're headed there.. DON'T take the train .. Several tracks and bridges are wiped out.. Quite the mess .. be careful up there Vermont readers..


The National League Wins .. and breaks a nine game losing streak in the All Star Game. The NL Fans can thank Colorado Rockies catcher Elias Diaz. Diaz's go-ahead two-run home run in the eighth inning helped seal a 3-2 victory at T-Mobile Park in Seattle.

GOLF: The DP World Tour is THE place to be for the next two weeks. Next week is the Open Championship (British Open) so this week MANY of the top golfers are playing the Scottish Open to get used to the time zone ..

Surprise Surprise, Scottie Scheffler is the favorite with Rory McIlroy right behind.. and again.. odds not good .. Ill stick with the longer shots to Top 20.. Maybe Aberg at +220 or Hojgaard at +360..


YOU BETTER THINK!!! .. If you do not have a will, go get one TODAY!!! .. Aretha Franklin had no "official" will. Her children and her brothers are STILL fighting over her estate and she died FIVE years ago, August 16 .. A judge is trying to decide if the - handwritten will from 2010 that was found in a desk .. or a 2014 will found stuffed between couch cushions - should prevail..

Look boys and girls .. spend a few dollars.. go to an attorney .. get your estate plan down on paper.. Signed, sealed, delivered!! (Notarized, witnessed, and everything else the attorney says) .. and..

Boy, those MLB Pensions must be SOMETHING .. Retired/Banned Pitcher Matt Harvery has a new girl. Monika Clarke .. HERE.. Model and host/membership director at exclusive NY "Zero Club" (Where people like Elon Musk and Tom Brady go to party away from us peasants) .. HERE.. HERE.. .. When Matt gets boring, Monika you know where to find me ... and..

Sometimes after I hit send on the Rant, I realize I made a mistake .. Yesterday was one of those days ..

With the Lime Green Sofia Vergara swimsuit post, I decided to tease her about her accent (which I think is HOT, as you all know) .. But, after I hit send and went to take the garbage out .. I realized.. I BLEW IT .. I TOTALLY missed the chance to go all Simon and Garfunkel .. SO.. I'm taking a DO OVER ... a Sofia DO OVER... I SHOULD have written:

Sofia Vergara posted a swimsuit pic that made the "internet rounds" and I started singing in my head .. then I thought....Ya know.. I gotta bone to pick with you, Paul Simon.. ..

Ya see.. In the song KodaaCHROOOOOMMEEE ...He sings, "Give us the NIIIICEEE bright colors...HERE.. Give us the greeeeennnsss of summers.. HERE ..makes think all the world's a sunny daaayyy" .. but... then he sings..

"Everything looks worse in Black and White" ... Really? Really? ... HERE.. HERE... Explain THAT PAUL !!! . I BEG TO DIFFER, PAUL !!!


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