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Read this First 7/21/2020

BACK THE BLUE -- A rally in Denver yesterday to show support for police turned ugly when "counter protestors" showed up and attacked the peaceful protestors. The Fascist "Antifascists" and people claiming to be with the Denver Black Lives Matter group attacked the police supporters, including author Michelle Malkin.  They assaulted the organizer of the event, smashing him over the head with a long skateboardsending him to the hospital. The Denver police chief, who marched with the BLM rally last month, tried to shut down the rally before it started. He ordered the crowd dispersed after the violence.  The organizer claimed they had a right to peaceful protest and the chief should be ashamed for not protecting them like they did the BLM protest. ... America should be OUTRAGED.

First Amendment rights are OK for BLM and radical left freaks but not for police supporters?  Could you imagine if this was a Radical Left rally and police shut it down? The Loser Media would be on FIRE with stories of "racist cops" and "oppressors of First Amendment Rights" stories. 

Attention All Democrats: This is your MAJOR issue for the November elections. If you want Biden to win, you will have to get control of these Democrat led cities that have sided with the mobs and refuse to protect the "regular citizens". This is a LOSING idea in ALL of the rest of the country come election time...Speaking of those large Democratic cities ... 

In Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot is attacking the Police leader as "unhinged" and "looking for attention" for saying that he would welcome Federal help with their murder and violence epidemic.  Lightfoot says the Feds are not allowed to just "show up" and arrest people. (She is right. They are not.. but that's not what would happen).  This subject is moving to the forefront after Portland needed Federal help because their Mayor and Governor would not protect the regular population from the rioters.  Lightfoot, of course, opposed the help and says, "we don't want to go down that road" .. Uhh.. What road? The road where you arrest the criminals and protect your citizens? Somehow that's a BAD road and the road you're on (with 2100 shot and 420 murdered this year.. and its only JULY 21!!) is BETTER? .. .YOU DOLT !!!! . and.. 

In NYC, mayor deblasidiot is ALSO shooting down the idea of Federal help with their out of control crime surge. See above comments about Chicago.. only deblasidiot is MORE of a moron than Lightfoot) ... 

The Racist DA in St. Louis is charging the two white people that "flashed guns" at protestors with felonies. She claims they violated the law and the "peaceful protestors" were on their way to the Mayor's house. Of course, those protestors broke down gates and were on private property as shown on videos MADE by the PROTESTORS .. but.. facts don't matter to racists.  Missouri Governor Mike Parson is slamming the DA saying she is fast tracking this case for publicity when she has a huge backlog of serious crimes to prosecute and that he will pardon the McCloskey's if they are convicted of anything.  What a circus and waste of taxpayer money .. 

SPEED REBOOT???  A  man armed with a firearm and possibly explosives has barricaded himself on a bus with around 20 people on board in the town of Lutsk in north western Ukraine. This story is just breaking at 5:30am EDT so there are few details but police are currently negotiating with the main over telephone.  No word if Keanu Reeves is on the scene ..  and.. 

Opposing Counsel??? .. Attorney Roy Den Hollander (man, does the Loser Media LOVE to do the "three name" thing with murderers) was found dead of an apparent suicide about 2 hours away from the house of Judge Esther Salas where her husband and son were shot. It appears Hollander had been diagnosed with cancer and was "settling scores" with former legal opponents. He is now a suspect in a July 11 murder of another attorney and police found the name and photo of a NY Judge Janet DiFiore in his car at the scene of the suicide.  This kinda shoots down my theory of a gang murder and also shoots down the theory about Salas being assigned to the Deutchebank investors lawsuit. She was assigned the suit last week. It is the one concerning Jeffrey Epstein, who did not kill himself ... and...

COVID Update: Markets are rallying in Europe after the EU agrees to a "Coronavirus Stimulus Package" .. The deal will help citizens and businesses recover from shutdowns due to the virus.  EU Leaders are patting themselves on the back calling the deal "historic" and "a Concrete signal that the EU is a force for action"...Yup.. it will help, NOW.. but let us all remember kiddos: The word "Stimulus" means "Government borrowing money to fix short term problems and saddling generations with debt". Now, with interest rates so low its not a TERRIBLE idea to borrow money . but... there is a limit somewhere .. 

New cases of COVID continue to rise and the Loser Media continue to freak out with their hair on fire and try to scare everyone. (Again, NO I do NOT think this is a "non-problem". I am NOT saying COVID isn't dangerous. Im saying, keep things in perspective) .. People in many states ignored social distancing rules and face mask advisories. This has led to spikes in cases, especially amongst 18-30 year olds. It's an understandable reaction to being cooped up for 3 months.. Im not saying I condone . I am just saying I understand.. and ...most importantly.... 

Deaths are leveling off and coming DOWN. This tells you a combination of things. 1) More people are testing positive because LOADS more people are getting tested. 2) Those getting infected are younger and healthier and the severity for that group is much less than the elderly and obese. 3) Hospitals and doctors are getting WAY better at treating patients because they have so much more information, now. Instead of ventilators for all, they are giving people "cocktails" of meds including vitamin D and using high amounts of extra oxygen. .. To be clear, I am talking about the USA.  Poorer countries are not fairing as well... 


Wait, was that BASEBALL???   Pre-Season baseball is underway... a few stories .. The Toronto Blue Jays are searching for a home after Canada told them they CANNOT PLAY in their stadium. They are considering options including their minor league stadium in Buffalo or sharing PNC Field with the Pirates. They would prefer a "big league" park.. but does it matter?  No fans are allowed ... Speaking of that...

The teams are piping in "Fan noise" that someone will control to have applause after big plays and "ohhs and ahhhs". Also, (FOR A BIG FEE !!!!). You can pay to have a cardboard cutout of yourself placed in a seat at the game. So, if the camera pans over you see yourself.  Of course, it will be embarrassing when a foul ball hits you in the hand and you drop it .. ..and..

Of course there is controversy as many players do the "take a knee" thing during the Anthem... I'm still not OK with that .. I think those 2 minutes are for honoring our Troops and Veterans. I understand their motives and position. I respect their rights for free speech. I just disagree that is the time and place for that expression....and...

The WINNERS of "Covid Baseball" are the Houston Astros. After their "cheating to win the World Series" scandal they were expected to be loudly booed at all away games and their lead off hitter is expected to be BEANED at will.  Well, there is NO ONE there to BOO!!  I tell you what .. If Im the guy from paragraph two of the Rant Sports section, I would have lots of BOOO recordings for when Houston came to town !!!

In case you missed it.. (I did at first) .. Matthew Fitzpatrick shot -4 on Sunday at Memorial to slide into 3rd place from NOWHERE on a BRUTAL golf course. Four under was the best score of the day by 2 shots and Fitzpatrick was one of only THREE golfers in the Top 25 to be UNDER par on Sunday.  Why am I on about this?  Remember who his caddy was?  Legendary Bones MacKay.  Caddy for Phil Mickelson for 25 years who is retired by came back to loop for Fitzpatrick for two weeks. If you think this is a coincidence you do NOT know golf. Bones was likely in Matt's ear with "the course is tough and you HAVE it today .. Let's make some birdies.. Lets post a number and watch them all fade" .. All but two faded enough .. Third Place .. $640k.  10% to the Caddy .. Worth EVERY PENNY ... 


Kanye West went on a Twitter Rant last night accusing his wife, Skank#2, of trying to have him "locked up by a doctor" for telling the rally Sunday night that he "Saved his daughters life from abortion" and other things. (West is Bipolar and his family is genuinely concerned when he lashes out and is off his meds). West is pushing "old school" Conservative values. It will be interesting to see what the lasting effects are.. Will they survive among his followers.. and others in America after this "Presidential Run"??

Many are saying Kanye's run is all about promoting the new album he has coming out.. Do you agree?.. or do you think the Orange Man's people might be behind it to steal some votes of Black Americans away from Biden? .. There is ALWAYS another story out there ...and..

The Johnny Depp trial continues with another day of testimony by Amber Heard ..Depp's attorney's are trying to hurt her credibility by bringing up that while she was married to Depp she cheated with Channing Tatum, James Franco, and had a threesome with Elon Musk and Cara Delevigne.  Uhh.. well.. It may make her a less believable witness.. but it puts her in the lead for the spot as SKANK #3 !!! 

Former Smoke Show turned "rich guys wife that had a baby and got fat", Eva Longoria posted this... HERE.. picture of herself in a bikini.  Whaddya say? Is she BACK? or is that "Camera angle and Photoshop" ??  For reference..  That is now .. AFTER Baby (scroll down a bit) is ..HERE .. and before is HERE .. 

eBay is selling its classified ad business to Norway's Adevinta (OTCPK:ADEVF) for $9.2B in cash and stock, making the latter the largest online classifieds company globally. The unit is one of eBay's last remaining businesses outside the company's core after selling its StubHub ticketing division last year. As part of the transaction, eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) will receive $2.5B in cash and approximately 540M Adevinta shares - representing 44% ownership of the pro forma company and a ~33.3% voting stake. The deal is expected to close by Q1 of 2021 and is forecast to create estimated annual synergies of $150M-185M within the next three years. EBAY +2.4% premarket.

Big tech led the charge for Wall Street on Monday as the Nasdaq 100 had its best gain in three months, boosted by the FAANG and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) and BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX) also reported early positive data on a joint coronavirus vaccine, while another candidate from Oxford University and AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN) showed a positive immune response in an early trial. Everyone is partying... Industrial stocks are rallying along with stay-at-home players this morning as U.S. stock index futures climb 0.7% before quarterly results from Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), Philip Morris (NYSE:PM), Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) and United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL).

"We did it! We have reached a deal on the [coronavirus] recovery package and the European budget for 2021-2027," tweeted European Council President Charles Michel after nearly five days of talks in Nice, France. "This agreement sends a concrete signal that Europe is a force for action," he added, prompting the euro to hit a fresh four-month high of $1.1470. Within the €750B coronavirus recovery fund, €390B will be offered as non-repayable grants (down from €500B originally proposed), and the rest in repayable loans. Leaders also agreed to an EU budget of over €1T that will run from next year to 2027.

The U.K. will "bear the consequences if it insists on going down the wrong road," a Chinese embassy spokesman declared, after Britain announced it would suspend extraditions and arms sales to Hong Kong due to China's national security law. The news comes as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits the U.K., where he'll meet with MPs who want to see sanctions on Chinese officials and the Asian superpower cut from Britain's nuclear power program. Prime Minster Boris Johnson has already ordered the removal of Huawei equipment from British 5G networks by the end of 2027, while Chinese-owned Tiktok (BDNCE) reportedly ditched plans for a global headquarters in the U.K. Go deeper: U.S. sanctions 11 Chinese companies over treatment of Uyghurs.

Judy Shelton, President Trump's controversial pick to join the Fed's Board of Governors, is poised to clear a key confirmation hurdle today after Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said he'd vote in her favor. The Senate Banking Committee will also decide on the nomination of Christopher Waller, director of research at the St. Louis Fed, which is expected to easily pass muster. Shelton has a long history of unorthodox economic commentary, like questioning the basic role of the Fed, calling for near-zero interest rates and advocating a return to the gold standard. If Shelton and Waller are cleared, the nominations advance to a full Senate vote.

Mask makers like Alpha Pro Tech (NYSEMKT:APT), Allied Healthcare (NASDAQ:AHPI) and Lakeland Industries (NASDAQ:LAKE) soared into the close on Monday after President Trump offered his strongest endorsement yet for wearing face coverings in public. "We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can't socially distance," he wrote in a tweet that included a photo of himself wearing a mask with a presidential seal. More than half of U.S. states currently have mask mandates to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime Day 2020 will be postponed by three months, according to an email to third-party sellers that suggests this year's big deals will launch in October. "This year we'll be holding Prime Day later than usual, while ensuring the safety of our employees and supporting our customers and selling partners," the company announced, adding that it would share "more details soon." While Prime Day in the U.S. is being put on hold, Amazon said Prime Day will take place in India next month on August 6 and 7.

Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) has fired ABC News' Barbara Fedida, who was one of the most powerful executives in television news, after an investigation confirmed allegations that she made insensitive remarks and racial slurs about colleagues. Reports previously suggested that Fedida used terms like "pick cotton" and "low rent," and asked which employee would most likely be an "active shooter" (she was placed on administrative leave on June 13). In other media news, former Fox News (NASDAQ:FOX) reporter Jennifer Eckhart has leveled rape allegations against former Fox host Ed Henry, while journalist Cathy Areu alleged that she was sexually harassed by Henry, as well as current on-air talent like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Howard Kurtz and Gianno Caldwell.

What else is happening...

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) to buy Noble Energy (NASDAQ:NBL) in $5B all-stock deal.

Novartis ((NYSE:NVS) tightens outlook as Q2 sales, profit fall.

UBS (NYSE:UBS) settles SEC charges on muni bond flipping for $10M.

Marriott (NASDAQ:MAR) institutes mask policy for hotel guests.

Tesla (TSLA) guns for record Q3 as shares gain another 10%.

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