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Read this First 9/26/2019

Troll in Chief ?? ...Is President Trump "Crazy like a Fox" or just crazy? I often say (after reading angry headlines from "triggered reporters") that President Trump says, does, and Tweets stuff JUST to get a reaction out of the "Haters". Total Trolling almost ALL of the time.. It's almost like clock-work. ..I can't tell if this, "release the transcript" and "release the so-called 'whistleblower' complaint is the bravado of an egomaniac that thinks he is invincible.. or whether its some sort of genius. .. The "LEFT" said, "RELEASE THE TRANSCRIPT. If there is evidence of a quid pro quo then that is IMPEACHABLE" (Im not sure that's true.. but.. ok.. let's look). The call DEFINITELY showed no "quid pro quo" because he didn't even TALK about not giving them money. The left then contends, "But, he implicitly pressured the Ukranian President". So, the Ukrainian President was asked at the UN yesterday if he felt pressured and the guy said, "No. I am President of an Independent Country and was not pressured" .. Ok .. then the Left said, "the mere fact that you ASKED about Joe Biden and his son and cleaning up corruption is grounds for impeachment". He DEFINITELY did that. Trump DEFINITELY has made it clear he would like some explanations why Hunter Biden, a drug addicted child of a VP with no former experience in Energy Companies would get $50,000/month to sit on a Board of Directors, two months after being kicked out of the Navy on Cocaine charges, of a company looking for US Aid. He sure asked about that.. Is that "impeachable" ?? .. Umm.. well.. I guess we're gonna find out. I would say the Trump Haters would call, "chewing gum too loud" is grounds to impeach Trump. So, I'll bet they go ahead and impeach him even though 73% of America wants Congress to do something OTHER than investigate Trump. De Facto Party Leader Alex O'Cortez says Democrats should impeach even if it means they will lose their next elections. Sure, AOC. Easy for You. Your district is hardcore left. ... You think ANY media will pick up and ask why Hunter Biden got that job? Or why Hunter Biden got a $1.5 Billion investment in his "Private Equity Fund" from China after flying to China on AirForce 2 with his father? (He had no experience doing that EITHER) I'd kinda like to know how that happened. Would you? ...and...

In the typical maneuver of the Elitist Social Justice Warriors, I bring you this story of San Francisco. The homeless problem has gotten so bad in downtown Sanctuary-Cisco that the rich folk that live there have imported LARGE BOULDERS and put them on sidewalks in front of their million dollar apartments so that the homeless cannot set up tents. Because know.. when I say, "WE" have to accept the refugees and "WE" have to be sympathetic to the homeless, I really mean YOU.. You "other people". They should be at YOUR house..bothering YOU. Pissing and crapping on YOUR doorstep.. .. and YOU should feed them and let them camp in your yard. For GOD's SAKE.. I mean, their smell is RUINING the aroma of my Pumpkin Spiced Latte - Chino!!! ...GET THEM OUTTA HERE !!!!!

It looks like Delta Airlines got SOMETHING right for once. Delta is refusing to cave to the Alt-Left freaks over Pit bulls on their planes. A few years back a pit bull mauled another passenger and Delta banned them on future flights. They just extended the ban. Obviously, stupid people called the ban unfair because they think pit bulls are just like other dogs. (Uhh. yeah.. go back in your tent.) Delta responded to the complainers saying, "we have to keep the ban in place because we have not figured out how to protect other passengers from potential harm" (Which sounds like TYPICAL LAWYER SPEAK FOR: "we got sued once.. if it happens again and we're found "negligent" the fines will be sttaggerrrinnggg).

An RIP to Former French President Jacques Chirac, 86. He was loved by some as a "Man of the People" but his Presidency was not without controversy. Which, I guess you could say about ALL PRESIDENTS, EVER...

SPORTS: GOLF: The Dunhill Links kicked off at St Andrews today with Tommy Fleetwood out to an early lead. There are celebrities playing along side the pros. Bill Murray had to play his practice round with one hand after getting in a car wreck. I'm not sure how the score went but I'm sure he was the USA the Safeway Open starts today in Napa .... and .. What do you think.. If your team is in last place... is it a "Fun thing" or a horrible thing to have an opposing pitcher (that is likely headed to the World Series) come into your park and throw a No-Hitter? I mean, the UPside to that is No-hitters are usually over quickly so you can get to bed early..and they are kinda rare which makes them good to see... but of course it means your team loses, AGAIN. Well, Zack Greinke ALMOST did that to the Mariners. He took a No-Hitter into the Ninth but gave up a hit. Astros beat Seattle 3-0- and the fans don't get to see a no-hitter. Just another LOSS.!! .. The Brewers win and clinch a playoff spot. If you're playing them you'd better be ready. They have won 9 of their last 10 .. and .. Bryce Harper is whining about the treatment he got in Washington from his ex-fans. Harper said, "I know they want to heckle and all that.. and its fine.. but some of the stuff they said in the last two innings was over the line" ...WOW.. Were any of you there? Any of you know what they said?? I'd LOVE to know...

CELEBRIDIOTS: "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, It's been long Enough, and gosh darnit, people LIKE ME". Stuart Smalley, (aka Al Franken) resigned from the Senate two years ago after old photos of him pretending to grab the boobs of a sleeping soldier while doing a USO Tour. Franken is BACK after a two year hiatus from the public and will host a Sirius Radio Show. Has his two-year exile been long enough? Does the Angry Mob and Court of Public Opinion think a two year sentence is appropriate? You can't ask ME. I didn't think he should have resigned in the first place... ..and.. You know I just LOVE these kinda stories. Nitwit Model Josie Canseco decided to "Share her Secrets" to looking good. She babbled something about bike riding and smaller snacks. Look, you DOPE. GENES.. and Not the kind you wear dopey.. your GENETICS. THAT is your secret. You start with a skinny, model, Hooters girl mother.. add a professional athlete..and BOOM!!! Hot skinny Model Daughter. HERE .. ZIP IT, JOSIE!! 50% of America could follow your diet and exercise routine and NEVER weigh 110 pounds. NEVER!!! ..and.. for those that know me I support several charities. Not for the recognition..because its the "Right" thing. (No, I'm not BRAGGING.. its a set up for a punchline.. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!) ... You all can support Breast Cancer Research. You can do it by enduring 20 years of school and becoming a research scientist and looking for a cure... You can run a marathon and raise money .. OR... You can buy the new HOOTERS calendar!!! They donate $1 from every calendar sold to Breast Cancer research. HERE So, DO YOUR PART!!! BUY A CALENDAR!!! No, I don't get kick backs.. but.. you can buy one for ME TOO if you like!! (Get it?? Me Too?? #metoo? .... No? FINE.. I WASTE my great material on some of you!!!)

The whistleblower complaint about President Trump’s communications with Ukraine has been declassified and could be released as early as this morning. Yesterday, stocks posted gains despite the political turmoil after Trump’s positive comments on the U.S.-China trade negotiations.

The U.S. Department of Justice will investigate Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) for potential antitrust violations, according to Bloomberg. They will examine conduct separate from the ongoing FTC investigation. Facebook also faces probes from a group of state attorneys general and the House Judiciary Committee. Go Deeper: Facebook’s average Sell Side, Quant, and SA Author ratings.

Fitness startup Peloton (PTON) will price its IPO at the top end of its $26-29/share range, Reuters reports. The listing will offer 40M shares, which makes for a $1.2B raise and valuation of more than $8B. Go Deeper: IPO Edge breaks down the Peloton IPO.

General Motors (NYSE:GM) and the United Auto Workers union are nearing a tentative agreement that could soon end the strike, according to CNBC. Talks between the two sides have intensified in the past couple of days, and UAW VP Terry Dittes told union members late yesterday that “all unsettled proposals are now at the Main Table and have been presented” to GM. Go Deeper: GM lays off more workers due to the UAW strike.

WeWork (WE) is considering selling the recently acquired businesses to help raise cash and cut costs after the IPO stumble, The Information reports. The businesses relate to office cleaning services, group meetings, and marketing services. Earlier this week, the publication reported that WeWork was looking to cut one-third of its workforce to reduce costs. Go Deeper:Amazon, Time Warner vets become WeWork CEOs.

A group of PG&E (NYSE:PCG) noteholders are prepared to put $29.2B into their reorganization plan for the company, according to a court filing. The plan would get them new debt and a controlling equity stake while providing for paying off insurers and victims of the 2017-2018 wildfires that bankrupted the company. It's got support from the victims, but the company has its own plan. Go Deeper: PG&E formalizes deal to resolve wildfire claims.

Italy's government is pressing Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) to take a stake in failed carrier Alitalia that could exceed 15%, vs. current plans for Delta to buy in at 10%, according to a newspaper report. But that's one of a few factors up for debate in the current approach, among companies involved in the rescue. Delta could agree to the bigger stake if it sees more weight on the board or top management changes.

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) plans a provision of 12B Swedish kronor in Q3 for investigations by the SEC and Justice Dept. over compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It's estimating $1B in combined monetary sanctions, along with costs to resolve the probes.

What else is happening...

WillScot (NASDAQ:WSC), Mobile Mini (NASDAQ:MINI) rise on report of buyout offer.

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) steers away from arbitration in Thai energy dispute.

Vaping trade association sues NY over flavored product ban.

Cactus II crude pipeline rates OK'd by FERC.

Wednesday's Key Earnings

KB Home (NYSE:KBH) -0.5% PM after Q3 revenue misses estimate. Pier 1 Imports (NYSE:PIR) misses Q2 earnings consensus by a big margin. AAR Corp (NYSE:AIR) beat on Q1 earnings; reaffirmed FY20 guidance. H.B. Fuller Company (NYSE:FUL) Q3 earnings fall short of estimates.

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan +0.13%. Hong Kong +0.37%. China -0.89%. India +1.03%. In Europe, at midday, London +1.20%. Paris +0.70%. Frankfurt +0.42%. Futures at 6:20, Dow +0.21%. S&P +0.18%. Nasdaq +0.12%. Crude +0.21% to $56.61. Gold +0.15% to $1,514.50. Bitcoin -0.11% to $8,445.60. Ten-year Treasury Yield -2.8bps to 1.704%.

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