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Read this First 9/30/2019

I'm the Whistleblower ...No I AM.. No.. I AM THE REALLL Whistleblower ... The Swamp is ALIVE with silliness. The weekend talk shows were one ridiculous mess after another. I think the funniest part of all is that the talk show hosts like George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd still take themselves seriously. As if they are actual reporters or Newspeople.. President Trump's advisor Stephen Miller claimed Trump was the REAL whistleblower for "revealing" the Biden/Ukraine scandal (even though it was "revealed" 3 years ago) ... Adam Schiff for Brains says the "whistleblower" will testify to Congress as soon as the Security Clearance issues are cleared up (umm isn't the Whistleblower CIA?). Maybe he is talking about security for the whistleblower himself. Other reports says the "whistle blower" wants Federal Protection now because he is afraid for his life.. .. There was a funny exchange at an interview in Texas when Former Obama Advisor, Susan Rice, said that Trump tried to "bury the Ukraine story by moving the recording to a separate server". Then the interviewer asked if Obama ever did that and she said, "Well, yeah." AHAHHHAHAH.. but only under "certain circumstances" if there was Classified information. (Uhh.. Sue? How do you know there was no Classified Info on that call?)..... and..

The Biden campaign has taken ARROGANCE to Level 10. His two campaign heads have asked NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC to stop putting Rudy Guiliani on TV to talk about his "role" in the Ukraine "situation" because he, 'Without evidence' is spreading debunked, false narrative. AHAHHAHA.. Can you BELIEVE that Arrogance? .. and.I just LOVE the "without evidence" thing that the Loser Media and Swamp creatures throw out there in an attempt to discredit stories they don't like. The "Biden Ukraine" scandal is not uncommon (Unfortunately, politicians getting friends and family paid by abusing their power is part of the reason the Swamp is called the Swamp. Plenty of politicians of BOTH sides play that game). Also, you can argue whether it criminal or just unethical. He got his kid a job that he was unqualified for, then bragged about getting the prosecutor that was investigating his son's firm fired. Is that a CRIME? I don't know.. But the "Without Evidence" claim is LAUGHABLE. It HAPPENED. Hunter GOT the big paychecks. The Ukrainian Prosecutor IS GONE .. Joe Biden is ON TAPE bragging about how he got the guy fired. Biden withheld a Billion Dollars in aid as a threat. I SAW IT. If that is not evidence what IS EVIDENCE??? ..... anyways.. The Swamp people just keep living up to their reputations.. and America keeps getting SICKER of them..(Congressional Approval Ratings hovering around 18%)... Oprah says she wished Bob Iger would run for President. I have no clue why the successful head of Disney would want to leave that job to go to the Swamp. But, if he did.. and Oprah backed him.. He'd probably win... and....

Over in China they are getting ready for their 70th Anniversary Celebration starting tomorrow. By "THEY" I mean the Chinese Government AND the Hong Kong Protesters. China is getting ready for ceremonies and parades and they have DOUBLED the amount of troops in Hong Kong. The protesters are pledging to make a big scene. This could be the showdown that the protesters have been looking for.. the one that makes an International Scene. I foresee a LOT of arrests this week... and..

It might have been a warm, wonderful weekend for most of the USA but the Rockies got HAMMERED with snow. Areas of Montana got FOUR FEET of snow. Geez, when you talk about snowfalls in September and you are using FEET instead of Inches you KNOW that's crazy... and..

RIP to NYPD Officer Brian Mulkeen, 33. Officer Mulkeen was killed in a struggle while trying to arrest a three time convicted felon ex-con gang member. America should remember these guys risk their lives every day out there to protect us from scum bags and criminals...and Sometimes they do not make it home...

SPORTS: The NFL has become the No FANS League in many cities. While TV viewership has bounced back a little there are a LOT of stadiums that are half empty during games. Seat prices too high? Games too long? They gotta figure it out.. .. This week KC and New England struggled but remained undefeated at 4-0. (San Fran is 3-0 but were on a bye week). The Baltimore Ravens want to know why Odell Beckham Junior was not ejected for throwing a punch at Raven CB Marlon Humphrey. The Browns want to know why Marlon Humphrey wasn't ejected for choke slamming OBJ. The refs took "Let them Play" to a new level ... ..HERE .. .. and.. GOLF: Victor Perez wins the Dunhill at St Andrews and Cameron Champ wins in Napa .. In College Football the top teams all win ..and I gotta ask.. Why is Rutgers playing against Division 1 Football Teams? They are now 0-2 in the Big Ten and have been outscored 82-0. They got smoked by Michigan this week 52-0. Michigan got clobbered by Wisconsin and barely beat Army. (In case you miss the point. Michigan is NOT that good). Rutgers needs to go back to Division 3 for a while and practice... and.. someone needs to help me understand what Mike Leach (Washington State Football coach) means. After his team lost to Utah, at the press conference Leach said, "Yeah. We've been getting a lot of praise in the press. I guess the guys have been reading it and believe it.. But, we're Fat, Dumb, Happy and Entitled. The team is soft" . .. Uhh.. What's his point? ....

CELEBRIDIOTS: They say a professional boxer's hands are "lethal weapons". So, they cannot hit people with them because they can be charged with "assault with a deadly weapon" (It's not actually true....but just go with it.. ).. It seems boxer Vanes Martirosyan has figured a way around that.. He was arrested and charged with assaulting his wife. She had bruises on her arm and her nose was bashed and bleeding. He said, "I didn't hit her".. which he didn't. He HEADBUTTED her. HAHAHAH.. Can you BELIEVE that? What kinda psycho HEADBUTTS his wife? Or ANYONE?? ... and.. The Fall NY Ballet Gala happened ...but the red carpet stunk so Im gonna give it a pass.. well.. I guess Ryan Seacrest's beard Shauna Taylor HERE tried a LITTLE... But, all the pictures have HIM in them and I don't know how to photoshop him out.. ..and.. Actress Andie McDowell is treading lightly when asked about her daughter, Margaret Qualley dating SNL Bad Boy Pete Davidson. McDowell says they have a "beautiful relationship". Now, McDowell must know that if she objects then her daughter will keep dating him just to "prove" she can... either that.. or she figures Davidson will be dead soon anyway so why fight it ... Qualley is a trained ballerina turned actress and is in the Quentin Tarantino Movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. ..HERE ... I told her to stay away from Davidson but she just jumped out of the Raj Tub and told me to stop ruining her life... EH.. .. Millennials..


U.S. futures point to the three major stock averages opening with a modest gain as the Trump administration said it's "not contemplating blocking Chinese companies from listing shares on U.S. stock exchanges at this time," after reports on Friday suggested otherwise. S&P futures are up 0.4%, Nasdaq futures gained 0.5% and Dow futures pointed to a 90-pont rise at the open, or up 0.3%. In Europe, the Stoxx Europe 600 is little changed at 391.94 and the FTSE 100 is down 0.2%. In Asia, trading is mixed, with Japan’s Nikkei 225 closing down 0.6%, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng up 0.5%, and in Singapore, the FTSE Straits Times Index fell 0.3%.

“Hopefully we leave with a deal,” U.K. Finance Minister Sajid Javid told ITV, adding that leaving with a deal isn’t perfect but it’s “appropriate.” Javid refused to say how the government could deliver Brexit if there's no deal given that a U.K. law demands the prime minister delay its exit from the EU in such a case. Go deeper: Track the INVESCO CURRENCYSHARES BRITISH POUND STERLING TRUST ETF.

General Motors (NYSE:GM) and the United Auto Workers were set to keep talking over a labor deal Monday morning as the strike entered its third week. The two had seemed close to a tentative deal on Wednesday, according to multiple reports, after some breakthroughs in progress. The UAW represents 48,000 striking hourly workers.

After years of looking to unload its Canadian iron ore unit, Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) has scrapped plans for a sale or initial public offering of the business, according to multiple reports. Rio Tinto has a 59% stake in Iron Ore Co. of Canada, and timing has turned against a split, as iron ore prices that hit a multi-year high earlier this year have receded and look to decline further in the coming year. Go deeper: Take a look at Rio Tinto’s cash flow.

Japanese telecom KDDI (OTCPK:KDDIY) has gone with Nokia (NYSE:NOK) as its primary partner on developing a 5G network. Nokia is a longtime supplier to the company and will use its AirScale for radio access, which will support evolving KDDI's 4G network even as the two build out the next-gen solution. It's Nokia's 48th global commercial 5G contract.

Under a new treaty between the U.S. and the U.K., social media platforms based in the U.S., including Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and WhatsApp, will be forced to share user's encrypted messages with the British police, Bloomberg reports. The U.S. and U.K. have agreed not to investigate each other's citizens as part of the deal, and the U.S. won’t be able to use information obtained from British firms in any cases carrying the death penalty.

In the U.S., Congressional antitrust investigators are scrutinizing plans by Google (GOOG, GOOGL) to use a new internet protocol, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new standard would encrypt internet traffic to improve security, but could also alter the internet’s competitive landscape. Cable and wireless companies fear being shut out from much data if browser users move wholesale to this new standard - which many ISPs don’t currently support - giving Google a competitive advantage.

What else is happening...

CVS Health (NYSE:CVS) stops selling Zantac heartburn drug.

Volkswagen (OTCPK:VWAGY) Dieselgate case starts in Germany.

‘Cracking issue’ on some Boeing (NYSE:BA) 737 plans.

Today's Markets

In Asia, Japan -0.56%. Hong Kong +0.53%. China -0.92%. India -0.38%. In Europe, at midday, London -0.19%. Paris +0.02%. Frankfurt +0.01%. Futures at 6:20, Dow +0.33%. S&P +0.35%. Nasdaq +0.51%. Crude -0.97% to $55.37. Gold -0.85% to $1,493.60. Ten-year Treasury Yield +2.6 bps to 1.699%.

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